Former child star Tahj Mowry, pictured left with singer Usher, apparently ‘liked’ several Instagram photos of a bodybuilder who happens to be gay.

Tahj was spotted ‘liking’ 3 photos posted by openly gay fitness buff Andrew, who goes by the username @sir_titles on

Like his famous twin sisters, Tahj has a type.

Tahj ‘liked’ 3 beefcake images posted on Andrew’s Instagram page. Andrew routinely posts images of himself in various stages of undress for his 40,000 IG followers to drool over.

Andrew is from London, but he lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.

One photo that was ‘liked’ by Tahj shows Andrew lying on his belly in bed wearing nothing but a pair of starched white briefs.

Andrew’s IG page has already been deleted once. Judging from the sexy photos below, it’s easy to see why. told you years ago that Tahj preferred his back rubs from men. Thanks to the media’s ongoing obsession support of all things gay, it’s no surprise to see Tahj opening his closet door just a crack.