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A certain May-December celebrity couple has reportedly parted ways. The reasons for the breakup are not publicly known. Although some bloggers think it has something to do with the poor ratings of the Kartrashian family’s reality TV show.

An Instagram blogger is reporting a connection between Charlie Sheen, who recently announced he is HIV positive, and a certain rapper who has a predilection for ladyboys.

Supposedly Sheen paid male and female escorts upwards of $1.6 million to let him plunder their nether regions without a condom.

Obviously money talks in Hollywood, and Sheen was able to find at least 2 escorts who happily accepted his deal. They say that at least 2 of the escorts are now under the care of the actor’s personal physician.

That brings us back to a certain rapper’s tenuous connection to Sheen.

According to IG blog Industry On Blast, the rapper — allegedly — had a sexual fling with a female impersonator.

The tranny and a p0rn actress were allegedly once roommates. The p0rn actress allegedly dated Sheen in 2010. That would be around the time Sheen contracted the HIV virus.

Allegedly, there’s a sex tape floating around the Internet with the tranny, the p0rn actress and the rapper partaking in a little three-way action.

None of this has been confirmed, so please don’t quote me.

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