terrorist threat

The superintendent of the Los Angeles school district ordered all L.A. schools shut down due to an unspecified emailed terrorist threat. Terrorists rarely send warnings before they attack, but the superintendent isn’t taking any chances.

The closures affects 640,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grades at 900 schools. All 900 schools will be canvased to search for bombs. The Los Angeles school district is the 2nd largest in the country.

The feds classified the email warning as a Level 1 terrorist threat.

The mass school closings threw Los Angeles into chaos as parents rushed to make alternate arrangements for their school age children. Many single parents were forced to stay home from work to be with their kids.

According to Fox News, the same email threat was sent to the FBI which did not deem the threat to be credible. But the superintendent closed the schools “out of an abundance of caution.”

Congressman Brad Sherman who read the email said the text of the email “does not demonstrate that the author has studied Islam or has any particular understanding of Islam.”

The email author apparently wrote “Islam” using a small ‘i’.

The feds are reportedly examining the email headers to determine where the email originated from.

Meanwhile there is no word if L.A. schools will be open tomorrow.

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