Rohinie Bisesar

A manhunt is underway in Toronto for a “beautiful, well-dressed businesswoman” who walked into a drugstore, went directly to a woman and stabbed her in the chest without provocation.

Police warned the public that 40-year-old, 5′-1″ Rohinie Bisesar is “dangerous and violent” and should not be approached.

The NY Post reports Bisesar stabbed the victim while she was shopping and speaking on her cell phone.

The victim survived the knife attack but she is listed in critical condition at a Toronto hospital.

“She stabbed a complete stranger in the heart, putting her in grave condition in the hospital,” said Constable David Hopkinson of the Toronto Police Service. “I’d call that dangerous.”

Bisesar is well-known in Toronto’s financial district, where she worked as a financial adviser.

She has multiple college degrees and no criminal background.

“It is strange,” Hopkinson said. “We believe it to be a completely unprovoked attack.”

Bisesar fled the scene before police arrived. She did not say a word before or after the attack.

“I don’t believe anyone has spoken to her,” Hopkinson said. “If we catch her, we might be able to establish that there’s something going on in the background here that we don’t know about. But we’ve not found any link.”

A close friend of Rohinie Bisesar’s described her as a “very gentle, very calm, very measured” woman who “spoke almost in a whisper.”

He urged Bisesar to turn herself in.