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Soulja Boy

Rapper-turned-reality TV star Soulja Boy might end up owing credit card companies $175,000 after he was scammed in a hoverboard chargeback scheme.

Soulja Boy hopped on the Hoverboard craze hoping to make a quick profit this Christmas season. The Atlanta rapper sold hoverboards for $1,500 each on his online store (the store now redirects to his blog).

The rapper used Stripe to process his online payments. Problems began on Dec. 7 when SB noticed he had a negative balance of $175,000 due to chargebacks.

Chargebacks occur when consumers purchase products then dispute the charges and keep the merchandise, leaving the merchant owing the CC companies.

Soulja Boy wrote a desperate email to Stripe asking for help.

"I need help all the payments are fraud,” Soulja Boy wrote in an email to Stripe. “And it sent my account to negative because they all say they weren’t authorized. please help in any way you can thanks. I don’t want to have to pay all this money because of frauds is there any way to reverse these payments and get my account to Good standing."

According to, 75% of all hoverboard purchases result in chargebacks.

  • MzFutureLCSW

    Poor kid. Trying to make an honest dollar.

  • Milani

    what a shame. I hope he's made whole again somehow.

  • puppylove

    Should have got insurance. He'll lose that 25mil in no time.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    I bet you that don't even bother him cause he gets money ????...ignant bastid

  • harley_quinn2.0


  • angrysolo

    GOT EM

  • nucynu25

    When love & hip hop reunion come back on?

  • stav

    He's worth 25 million ! He can afford it .(or so he says)

  • LibraGirlonly

    My son asked me for one of these. I was like dude when do you go outside? Lol he said Neva mind

  • LibraGirlonly

    LMAO you stupid crazy

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    I'm probably gonna lose $20 tomorrow cause I'm laughing at this today.

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    Why in 2015 are we still talking about Soulja Boy?

  • 1/8

    Just because someone claims he is worth 25 mil, doesn't mean he has 25 mil in cash.

  • 1/8

    Based on his alleged email, his online business isn't the only thing he needs help with.

  • 1/8

    LMAO! ?

  • nucynu25


  • nucynu25

    Where are his lawyers?

  • Fendi

    Lol. I want one and I had to remind myself that I'd be riding that mug around the house.

  • calirose2501

    Its called karma soulja boy, you can't treat people bad and hurt them on national tv and expect to flourish

  • AnonymousRose

    ok, so he sold these boards did he personally have the boards or did he have to order them as well once the consumer paid, where were they housed in his house did he directly sell them from his garage, he used a servicer to collect payment, how did he track the order that was shipped to customers, they paid by credit card, you should have a tracking device you cant just stick these things in an envelope and put regular postage on it........SB call me I got to many questions, this don't make sense...

  • Tammie Reed

    My teen son aint seen the sidewalk outside lol. These damn kids act like they sked to go outdoors now, I don't blame him though with all thats going on in the world nowadays, shoot I'd stay indoors too smh!

  • mainey

    he's young, dumb and full of.....

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    So all these people were unsatisfied?? I'm confused.

  • imright

    karma 4 wat? Nia is a dumb bitchh & deserves the way he treats her

  • Alicia.Ashe

    They're selling these at Macy's for 600.

  • Queen B

    His money is insured as long as it was purchased thru is bank....he's good

  • scentsychick30

    All he needs to do is provide proof and the cc companies would refund him,something very fishy,??

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    So basically stolen cards were used to buy these from SB and his company filled the orders. The real cardholders noticed these bogus charges and filed fraud claims with their banks, resulting in chargebacks.
    This is the downside to operating an online store because you don't have video footage or signatures. U only have the card number and security code. Hopefully he can trace these transactions to show where they were shipped. 7/10 they were sent to only a few addresses, a UPS store box, etc. No joke at all.

  • Ms.Devereaux

    well i my opinion he was trying to scam ppl why was he charging 1500?? the most I've heard those things cost is 400

  • Ms.Devereaux

    cuz he worth 25 mill lol I can't believe it I googled it and was like is this a misprint?!!!! How?

  • Ms.Devereaux

    lmaooooooooo that's a good one!

  • calirose2501

    She could leave him, but it doesn't condone the harsh way he treats her

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    These shits been catching on fire LITERALLY!

    I think I read it's from the lithium ion batteries

  • soulfulbeauty

    Right. And that's not stopping anyone from buying them. I am so confused. smh...

  • Yashara Bat Orion

    If his business is incorporated, it doesn't effect his personal credit. He'll probably come out just fine.

  • eljjai

    Jeebus be a crash course on punctuation.

  • _perfectly__incomplete__

    1500 each?!?! What the hell

  • TeeTee

    All he have to to is got to insta-spam and see these "boutiques" selling hoover boards and see who go them.. or other local ATL no bodies who have a living room full talking about come get one....

  • free

    who buys them for $1500? not a "regular" person. clearly spammers.

  • DaughterOfaQueen


  • imright

    she allows it

  • tynamight

    I haaaate hoverboards. I mean, we already fat. Do we really need to stop walking too???

  • Fendi

    Who are WE? I'm sure there are weight limits for hoverboards as there are for Razor scooters and the like. I've never seen a fat person ride a hoverboard. Just young, skinny guys.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Right !!!!

  • chappedlippz

    Oh well, do your research!!!!