Kyran Lee

A British woman who used a dildo to penetrate an unsuspecting female she met on Facebook was spared jail time.

The 24-year-old victim says she thought she “fell in love” with a “tanned, muscular, attractive young man” in Autumn of 2012.

The young mother told the court she met Joey G Star Crislow, aka Kyran Lee, who went by the username “Kyran Scott” on

She said “Kyran Scott” wooed her with flowers and jewelry, and they exchanged frequent text messages and direct messages online.

The woman said Scott “told her all the things she wanted to hear: how much he loved her and how good she was with her [son].”

Eventually the 2 had sex when she invited “Kyran Scott” to stay overnight at her house.

THe woman said Scott was fully dressed down to his socks and “he” backed off when she tried to remove “his” clothes.

According to court documents obtained by The Telegraph UK, their foreplay “progressed to him giving her oral sex and digitally penetrating her.”

The victim told the court they had intercourse in the missionary position, and everything seemed normal except Scott kept “his” hand down by the base of “his” penis.

The woman learned the truth months later when she ran into “Kyran Scott” again. Scott was working at a local McDonald’s under her real name, Fiona Manson, and dressed as a female.

Scott confessed to the woman that she used a fake penis on her during sex.

The woman called the cops and pressed charges.

Scott told Lincoln Crown Court that she was a transsexual who now goes by the name Kyran Lee.

Lee confessed to “a charge of assault by penetration” with a foreign object.

Lee was given a 2-year jail sentence which was suspended for 2 years with an indefinite restraining order to stay away from the victim for life.

“I was lied to and manipulated into falling in love with someone who deceived me. That has hurt me emotionally and physically,” the woman told the court.

“Finding out that Kyran Lee/Kyran Scott was a female shocked me to the core. I truly believed Kyran was a man,” she said.

She said Lee’s deception “is still very much affecting my life.”

The judge declined to sentence Lee to hard time because Lee was not a man and she could not be sexually gratified using a fake penis.

The judge’s ruling — that Lee was not a sexually gratified man — conflicts with the theory that rape is not about sexual gratification.

Prosecutor Sarah Knight was not happy with Lee’s sentence. “Had she known the defendant was female and known her true identity she would certainly never have consented at all,” said Knight.