Andre 3000 and Dominique Maldonado

OutKast co-founder André 3000 has apparently found love. According to a tipster, Dre 3000, whose real name is André Lauren Benjamin, is going steady with music industry executive Dominique Maldonado, 30.

So, who is this pretty lady who captured the 40-year-old musical genius’s heart?

Andre 3000 and Dominique Maldonado

Dominique manages rapper Q-Tip as well as a few other artists. She is biracial; her mother is black and her father is Puerto Rican. Dominique and her younger sister were raised by their single mother, but her father was a regular presence in her life. Which means André 3000 lucked up and found a woman who doesn’t have daddy issues.

Dominique Maldonado

They both have a lot in common: Dominique shares his love for music.

Andre 3000 and Dominique Maldonado

André 3000 followed through on his promise to show Dominique the world. The couple spent the holidays together in Madrid.

Fans posted photos of Andre in Madrid, and Dominique is also busy posting vacation photos from Madrid on her Instagram account.

In the top photo, taken by friend of the blog @BryanBarber, the couple pose with Dom’s boss, Q-Tip, in Dinah Shore‘s backyard in Palm Desert.

Kudos to Andre for taking his time and getting to know Dominique before rushing into marriage based on feelings that will eventually fade.

Andre 3000 and Dominique Maldonado

This post was edited to reflect the fact that Dominique is childless.