Donald Trump

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump won by a landslide in the Nevada Caucuses yesterday. But some critics are crying foul after poll workers were caught wearing Trump gear at the polling place. Isn’t that illegal?

Critics say Trump’s camp resorted to dirty tricks to win the Nevada caucuses. Tricks that include not checking for IDs; allowing the same people to vote multiple times; throwing away ballots, and encouraging poll workers to wear gear with Trump’s name emblazoned on the front.

One voter witnessed a poll worker slide about 40-50 ballots under an envelope.

“40-50 loose ballots on table. Counter looked at them, put them under envelopes. Wouldn’t budge when called out,” noted Twitter user @elainaplott.

An elderly couple — lifetime Republicans — stood in Marco Rubio’s line to vote, but they were told they were not registered in the system.

Plott says when the shenanigans were reported to the Republican National Committee, the response was: “Man, I’m sorry.”

At the Nevada Caucuses, Republicans meet to vote on delegates and declare a statewide winner. Unlike general elections, the caucus allows voters to meet and discuss the candidates before they vote. But poll workers are supposed to remain neutral and unbiased.