Freddie Freeman

Braves player Freddie Freeman and his wife Chelsea drove to Spring training camp in Florida. Like her owners, Nala the cat relaxed and settled in for the long drive.

The only problem is cats don’t relax and settle in for long drives in cars. Not normal cats anyway.

True story: a friend and I took my pet cat on a road trip to Key West in the 1980s.

I thought it would be a good idea to let my cat out of the crate so she could stretch out and enjoy the ride. My friend thought it would be a bad idea.

It’s my cat, I thought. What could go wrong?

Everything went fine until we got on the Interstate and picked up speed.

That’s when my tame feline turned into a devil cat.

She bounced off the dashboard, to the back seat, to the back window, back to the dashboard, before landing with her claws fully extended into my right shoulder.

I had to pull over before I lost control and flipped my car on the Interstate.

After observing my cat freaking out and me screaming in pain, my friend said, “Now you see why I told you to leave the cat in the crate.”

Other cat owners on, who observed similar behavior out of their cats in cars are suspicious. They theorize that the Freeman’s cat is drugged.

What do you think? Does Nala look sleepy to you?