ISIS beheads boy

A teenage boy was beheaded after ISIS militants caught him listening to American pop music on a portable CD player in his father’s grocery.

Ayham Hussein, 15, was arrested by rebels on routine patrol who heard him listening to music. The patrols are part of a Jihadi crackdown on personal freedoms in Iraqi capital Mosul.

His death is the first such beheading for listening to American music in Mosul.

Hussein was found guilty in a Sharia court and he was sentenced to death by public beheading outside the main Mosque.

ARA News reports the beheading led to rare incidents of public outrage.

In addition to Hussein, 2 teenagers were arrested for missing Friday prayers as well.

They were shot dead outside the Mosque after a Sharia court found them guilty.

ISIS bans Western music and songs in public, in cars, shops, parties, and work. The reasoning behind the ban is music is a source of evil and temptation and it prevents individuals from studying the Koran and remembrance of God.

The militants handed the boy’s body over to his parents for burial.