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A Brooklyn preacher who was arrested for manhandling a woman in his church on Sunday defended his actions in a new video.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and the woman, Tarsha Howard, were arrested after the video went viral on Sunday. Howard was charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service.

The bishop was released with no charges.

According to Whitehead, a woman walked into his church and began heckling him during his Sunday sermon.

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As the woman walked past him, the bishop grabbed her by her neck and shoved her out the front door.

Whitehead joined "TMZ Live" on Monday to explain his side of the story. He released a new video that shows a different angle of the incident.

Whitehead says the new video shows the woman heading directly for his wife and 10-month-old baby before he grabbed her.

Bishop Whitehead said he never choked the woman, he simply directed her towards the front door.

The woman later released images showing light scratches on her neck.

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Fox 5 New York

A Brooklyn preacher was arrested after he lay hands on a woman who disrupted his Sunday service live-stream.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead grabbed the woman by her neck and shoved her toward his security after the woman called him a scammer and other choice language.

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The woman, Tarsha Howard was also arrested and charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service.

Both Whitehead and the woman were released from jail.

According to reports, two women walked into Whitehead's Canarsie church and began heckling him.

Footage from the Bishop's lives-stream shows him dressed to the nines in a tailored suit while the women can be heard heckling him in the background.

Whitehead spoke in tongues as the women continued to yell. He then advanced towards them and asked them to leave his church.

As one woman walked past him, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and shoved her hard.

He later explained that she was walking toward his "baby" and he felt threatened. He said he was forced to protect his family.

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The flashy preacher made headlines earlier this year when he claimed he and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry during a sermon at his church in April.

He recently filed lawsuits for $20 million against two YouTube bloggers who ridiculed him in their videos.

Whitehead sued DeMario Jives and Larry Reid for defamation and slander in New York earlier this month.

He accused the two vloggers of slandering him and calling him a drug dealer and a scammer.

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A Missouri pastor went viral after he criticized his congregation for not buying him a high end watch.

A TikTok video shows Pastor Carlton Funderburke of the Church at the Well in Kansas City berating his flock for being "broke" and cheap.

The pastor can be heard chastising his congregation for not buying him the Movado watch he requested.

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"See that's how I know you still poor, broke, busted, and disgusted because of how you've been honoring me," he said during a fiery sermon on August 7.

Funderburke rebuked the parishioners for splurging on themselves rather than "honoring" him with material things.

"I'm not worth your McDonald's money? I'm not worth your Red Lobster money? I ain't worth your St. John's knit? Y'all can't afford it no-how. I ain't worth your Louis Vuitton? I ain't worth your Prada? I’m not worth your Gucci?"

He continued, "You can buy a Movado watch in Sam's! And y'all know I asked for one last year. Here it is the whole way in August, I still ain't got it... Let me kick down the door and talk to my cheap sons and daughters!"

Surprisingly, many in the crowd agreed with him.

Funderburke later apologized after the clip went viral on social media. He said the "video clip does not reflect my heart or my sentiment toward God's people."

Watch the video below.


Kansas City Pastor GOES OFF on congregation calling them "poor, broke busted and disgusted" because they didn't give him enough money to buy a new watch he's been wanting. It's pastors like these that give the church a bad name smh an also why a lot of our generation left the church. What y'all think? ?

? original sound - kcdefender

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Black women have apparently abandoned Bishop TD Jakes' megachurch after he said they are too independent and trying to be men.

In a Father's Day sermon, Bishop Jakes told his parishioners that we are losing the Black family because women no longer value their own femininity.

"Your self-esteem is compromised when you have to ask your wife for lunch money," he said. "This breaks all sociological orders of the culture we're living in now."

"Because we are raising up women to be men! And you are not applauded for your femininity. You are applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are. And you're climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families!"

Since then there are many empty seats in Jakes's church on Sundays, according to MTO News.

In the images, obtained by MTO News, entire sections of the church were completely empty. Producers of TD Jakes' livestream apparently moved the congregation into a single section to make the church appear to be full.

Watch the video below.

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Originally published on January 5, 2017.
Gospel singer Kim Burrell continues to suffer the consequences of her fire and brimstone sermon, attacking down-low gay people in the church.

Burrell's sermon at her Houston church last Friday was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media.

"I came to tell you about sin," Burrell said. "That perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion and has deceived many men and women, and it has caused a strain on the body of Christ."

She continued: "You, as a man, you open your mouth and take a man's penis in your face, you are perverted! You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman's breast, you are perverted!"

The reaction on social media was swift. Openly lesbian daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres canceled Burrell's appearance on her show. DeGeneres later said she didn't want to give Burrell a platform.

But not everyone is critical of Burrell.

When church member O'Rhonde Chapman first met Burrell, he said she opened her arms to him. O'Rhonde was an openly gay, cross-dressing student at Nimitz High School in Houston.

"Kim Burrell loves people," Chapman told Houston CBS affiliate KHOU. "[Burrell] supported me, embraced me, encouraged me and inspired me to be all that I have become today," he added.

O'Rhonde endured years of bullying by other classmates when he joined Burrell's Life and Liberty Fellowship Church.

"I was openly gay at the time," he said. "So [she] embraced me. She didn't shun me. She didn't have hatred towards me. She treated me in a way that I was supposed to be treated."

O'Rhonde defended Burrell's freedom of speech, saying the problem wasn't the content of her message but the way her message was received by hand-wringing liberals.

He said Burrell's message was "every bit of pure—no matter how it's being received."
Update July 23, 2022:

O'Rhonde, 30, is a fashion designer, stylist, fashion expert and entrepreneur, residing in Atlanta, Ga. He is a national reporter for Newsweek magazine.

O'Rhonde credits Kim Burrell with helping him convert from a cross-dressing gay male to a heterosexual.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @ORhondeChapman
Instagram: @ORhondeChapman

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Bishop TD Jakes tackled a controversial subject in today's society where boys and girls are being taught in schools to reject gender roles.

In a Father's Day sermon, Bishop Jakes told his parishioners that we are losing the Black family because women no longer value their own femininity.

Black men are praised and rewarded for rejecting their masculinity and embracing femininity.

"This breaks all sociological orders of the culture we're living in now," Bishop Jakes said.

"Because we are raising up women to be men! And you are not applauded for your femininity. You are applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are. And you're climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families!"

Bisho Jakes continued:

"We were not designed to receive from women. Your self-esteem is compromised when you have to ask your wife for lunch money... I know you can buy your own car; I know you can buy your own house, but until you create a need that I can pour into, I have no place in your life. So stop coming home bragging to me about how much you don't need me, and wonder why I shy away."

One YouTube viewer wrote in the comments:

"What about the men that LEAVE the house and create the broken home? The woman at that point have no choice but to fill both roles the best way she can. But you not gonna talk about that. Cause why hold men accountable?"

Brother Jakes would probably tell her that a man leaves when his home life becomes intolerable.

Watch the video below.

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Pastor Creflo Dollar made blog headlines recently when he called tithing a "scam."

The founder of the Christian World Changers mega church in College Park, Georgia, said, "Today I stand in humility to correct some things I've taught for years and believed for years."

He said the Bible never instructed believers to give 10% of their income to the church.

Pastor Dollar has had a change of heart.

Via Rhymeswithsnitch -- "In a recent sermon Creflo Dollar tells his flock that tithing is Old Testament law and that the New Testament requires generous giving. So instead of tithing 10% you should generously give 40%, but ultimately how much you give is between you and God."

Dollar was among the first mega-church preacher to demand W9 forms from his parishioners to determine how much they should be tithing.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Pastor Dollar and his wife Taffi share 5 children and reside in a custom built 17,000 square foot mansion in Fayetteville, Ga.

In June 2012, Dollar was arrested for an allegedly choking his 15-year-old daughter, according to the Fayette County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office.

The charges were dropped in January 2013 after he attended anger management classes.

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Pastor Creflo Dollar, founder of the Christian World Changers mega church in College Park, Georgia, admits tithing is a scam.

In a new video titled "The Great Misunderstanding," Pastor Dollar admits he was wrong for asking his congregation to pay for his $65 million private jet years ago.

"Today I stand in humility to correct some things I've taught for years and believed for years."

Pastor Dollar said asking parishioners to pay 10% of their earnings is wrong and sinful. He said God never instructed his flock to pay 10% to brick and mortar churches.

Instead, Dollar urged his congregants "to take a portion and put it aside. Now if you want to give 10% that's fine but, you know, he didn't say that."

"You are under grace not under laws," he said in the June 26 video.

It was a different message from the one he preached over a decade ago.

Dollar was among the first of the mega-church preachers to begin demanding W9 forms from his parishioners so he would know exactly how much income they earned -- and how much they should be tithing.

In 2010 a loyal reader wrote in an email to that Dollar threatened his flock, saying if they didn't tithe to him they would go straight to hell. He also reportedly said "how he wished he could shoot those that didn't tithe right."

She added, "This is not of God."

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Dollar's congregation blessed him with untold riches. His custom built 17,017 square foot mansion sits on 182 acres of manicured land in Fayetteville, Ga.

Other pastors criticized Dollar's message, saying he got it wrong.

"They quote Bible upside down, that's why you have to be a Bible student, even a pastor can deceive you, please read Bible for yourself," said Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

"So that somebody cannot preach something up-side-down and you believe. All manner of things are everywhere, some people preach tithe and they said no more tithe because they did not have a solid foundation in the Bible and some of you believe it," Ibiyeomie added.

"Can somebody now tell me not to pay tithes? I will be foolish, I've read Bible for myself so nobody can preach to me, I saw it from the Bible so nobody can tell me not to pay tithes."

Question: Will you continue to pay tithes now that Pastor Dollar says it's all a scam?

Watch the video below.


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Actor Mark Wahlberg congratulated his son, Michael, and all teenagers seeking a relationship with God.

On Sunday, Wahlberg, a devout Christian, shared a video of his 16-year-old son Michael's confirmation.

He captioned the video:

"Congratulations to Mikey and everyone who made their confirmation Check out @hallowapp."

He said, "Good morning from Europe. I just got down on my hands and my knees to express my gratitude on a beautiful day. Congratulations to my son Michael for making his confirmation."

Neil Mockford/GC Images

He also praised young people who seek "a relationship with the Lord into their adulthood".

"All the young people out there who are confirmed and taking their relationship with the Lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made. Congratulations to all of you."

According to, confirmation is "a sacrament in which the Holy Ghost is given to those already baptized in order to make them strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ."

Wahlberg routinely quotes Bible verses and scriptures to his 18.5 million followers.

Neil Mockford/GC Images

In April, Walbgerg urged Halle Berry and cast and crew of his Netflix film "Our Man From Jersey" to pray on the set in London, England. "You've got to stay prayed up," he said.

"I'm here on the set, and I've been getting a lot of messages from people who have been praying every day and finding peace. And especially, sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app. If you haven't yet, go to the Hallow app. Let's do the Rosary together and stay prayed up. You've got to stay prayed up. God bless you."

Conservative lawmakers (and some Democrats) are calling for a return to Christianity and traditional family values in the wake of mass shootings in America.

At least one lawmaker called for putting God back in schools.

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Will Smith (right) was spotted in public for the first time after slapping Chris Rock (left) at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

Smith was spotted greeting fans at a private airport in Mumbai, India, three weeks after single-handedly destroying his A-list career.

A source tells PEOPLE that Smith is in India on a spiritual cleansing journey after assaulting the comedian in front of millions of viewers on March 27.

The source said Smith traveled to India to meet with spiritual guru Jagadish "Jaggi" Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru.

According to Black Enterprise, Sadhguru is owner a non-profit spiritual foundation called Isha.

Smith and his family first met Sadhguru in 2020 in Los Angeles, MEAWW News reports.

"I wanted my family to meet spiritual people, to start interacting with people who are not hooked on the material world," he said at the time.

Smith documented one of his meetings with the 65-year-old guru at his Los Angeles residence in 2020.

In an Instagram video posted on Smith's IG Stories, Sadhguru is seen arriving to Smith's home on a motorcycle, as Will and his daughter, Willow, greet him.

"In any area of life, those who are most successful are always the most miserable people because they get to the top of the world and the top of the world doesn't feel like the top of the world," Sadhguru told Smith in the video.

"What happened yesterday they're suffering today. Are you suffering life or your memory? You're just suffering your memory," he said, adding, "What may happen tomorrow you already suffer. You're suffering your imagination!"

Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are reportedly divorcing after 25 years of marriage.

Chris Rock, whose fame has soared to new heights since The Slap, said he won't talk about the assault unless he is paid.

He allegedly consulted with attorneys about his options.

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An Indiana pastor was "relieved of pastoral duties" for appearing in drag on a reality TV series.

Craig Duke, former pastor at United Methodist Church in Evansville, appeared in feminine attire and full makeup on HBO's "We're Here" reality TV series last month.

After word of his suspension spread around town, Evansville residents Chris and Erin Sexton launched a GoFundMe page that raised over $40,000 for the defrocked pastor.

The GoFundMe page described Duke, who is heterosexual, as a "man of faith, a father, a husband, a social justice advocate, and ally for the LGBTQIA+ community" who "has fought for a fully inclusive church that is welcoming to people of all races, all genders, and all sexual orientations."

"Unfortunately, Duke's participation in this show caused much turmoil in the church that he was serving at the time and ultimately lead to him being 'relieved of pastoral duties' at that church.

"Craig will continue with a significantly reduced salary until no later than February 28. Obviously, this poses a major challenge to Craig and his family as they determine their next steps."

Duke said he had never heard of the series until he was contacted by Evansville's Pride board, and asked if he'd be interested in participating in the show.

"I was surrounded and immersed in a culture that I've never been immersed in, and one of the things in ministry, if you want to involve people different than yourself in your ministry, you have to go to where people different than you are. The invitation to be part of the show allowed me that."

Duke also said he wanted to participate in the show to support his daughter, who came out as pansexual two years ago.

"I'm hoping it's a bridge — for my daughter, for the church I serve, for the denomination I love and for me — and I'm hoping my voice will become stronger," he said on the show.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Denzel Washington recently revealed what God has been telling him to do every time he prays.

The Academy Award-winning actor was among the speakers at a Christian men's conference hosted by First Baptist Orlando in Florida on Saturday, The Cristian Post reports.

"At 66, getting ready to be 67, having just buried my mother, I made a promise to her and to God, not just to do good the right way, but to honor my mother and my father by the way I live my life, the rest of my days on this Earth. I'm here to serve, to help, to provide," Washington shared at "The Better Man Event."

"In every prayer, all I hear is: 'Feed my sheep.' That's what God wants me to do," the actor added.

"What's that mean? What I found out in the last couple of years is there are all kinds of sheep. So that's why I talk to experienced shepherds to help guide me.

"The world has changed. What is our role as a man? The John Wayne formula is not quite a fit right now. But strength, leadership, power, authority, guidance, patience are God's gift to us as men. We have to cherish that, not abuse it."

Action Press/MediaPunch / BACKGRID

The "Malcolm X" star continued:

"[The Bible] says in the last days we'll become lovers of ourselves. The number one photograph now is a selfie. So we all want to lead. We're willing to do anything — ladies and young men — to be influential... Fame is a monster and we all have these ladders and battles, roads we have to walk in our given lives. Be you famous or whoever's out there listening, we all have our individual challenges. It's cliché [but] money, don't make it better. It doesn't. Fame just magnifies the problems and the opportunities."

The three-time Golden Globes winner added:

"Stay on your knees. Watch me, but listen to God. I hope that the words in my mouth and the meditation of my heart are pleasing in God's sight, but I'm human. I'm just like you. What I have will not keep me on this Earth for one more day. Share what you know, inspire who you can, seek advice. If you want to talk to one someone, talk to the one that can do something about it. Constantly develop those habits."

Washington concluded by acknowledging that although he has money and fame, what he's discovered is that one always needs to leave "room to learn."

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Rihanna's brand Fenty is the defendant in a lawsuit filed by a musician who claims the Savage X Fenty fashion show played the wrong version of a song.

The plaintiff, Jane Doe, who is a musician, claims the song nearly got her decapitated.

Doe claims Rihanna's Fenty brand reached out to use one of her songs during a fashion show last fall.

But the DJ played the wrong version of the song that included a sample of sacred Islamic proverbs being chanted, according to TMZ.

The artist claims she received death threats when the fashion was live-streamed to millions of people around the Muslim world.

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, the artist was assured the Fenty brand would play the radio version of the song without the Islamic proverbs.

Despite a public apology from Rihanna following the public backlash, the artist claims she was forced into hiding and lives in fear of her life.

She also can't work to make ends meet and she has lost significant revenue because of threats to decapitate her.

She is asking Rihanna to make her whole financially.

According to reports, Rihanna has earned $1 billion through her business ventures.

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A Nashville pastor is going viral for screaming anti-vaccine scriptures at his congregation.

Conservative pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church refers to the coronavirus Delta variant as "nonsense" and telling his congregation: "Do not get vaccinated!"

Locke told his parishioners that if they get vaccinated or show "up with masks and all this nonsense, I will ask you to leave."

Locke said:

"The Delta variant was nonsense then, it is nonsense now. You will not wear masks in this church. I'm telling you right now. Do not get vaccinated, do not get vaccinated. I don't care what you think about me. I don't need your money. I don't need your hand clap. I don't need more people on social media to follow me."

He added that "Joe Biden's days are numbered" and that the only people denying the 2020 election was stolen are "crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists."

Watch Locke's rant below:

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Rev. Kwame Kilpatrick preached his first sermon since he was pardoned by former President Donald Trump on his last day in office.

The 51-year-old disgraced politician walked out of prison a free man in January after serving nearly 8 years of his 28-year sentence for bribery, racketeering, extortion and fraud charges. The crimes were committed while he was Detroit mayor.

By law, Kilpatrick cannot hold public office for 20 years after his conviction. However, Kilpatrick needs money fast.

His family and his debtors were happy to see him released from prison.

Monica Morgan/WireImage

In a recent interview Kwame announced he is about to be remarried. Kilpatrick's first wife, Carlita Kilpatrick (pictured), divorced him in 2018 after 23 years of marriage.

After a crash course in bible studies, Kilpatrick made his first public appearance in the pulpit, preaching a sermon at Historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit on Sunday.