Sygma/Corbis via Getty Images

Christian televangelist Pat Robertson, 93, died from natural causes at his home on June, 8, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The one-time presidential candidate was leader of the Christian Coalition and a pioneer of the Christian broadcasting industry. He introduced Republican politicians to millions of viewers on his long-running talk show, The 700 Club.

Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, said Robertson “transformed the Republican party and with it American politics.”

But Robertson’s controversial stance on homosexuality and race made him a target of the left-wing news media and LGBT+ groups.

In 1998, Robertson warned that Disney World’s Gay Days would bring deadly hurricanes to Florida.

Members of the LGBT+ community took to Twitter to mock Robertson on Thursday.

“It’s so fitting that Robertson [passed away] during Pride Month,” one Twitter user wrote.

Robertson’s influence and reach extended to the White House. He interviewed former presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

In 2016, Trump called Robertson a “great gentleman.” He added: “The job he’s done is incredible.”