Photo may have been deleted
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A Brooklyn preacher was arrested after he lay hands on a woman who disrupted his Sunday service live-stream.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead grabbed the woman by her neck and shoved her toward his security after the woman called him a scammer and other choice language.

Photo may have been deleted

The woman, Tarsha Howard was also arrested and charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service.

Both Whitehead and the woman were released from jail.

According to reports, two women walked into Whitehead’s Canarsie church and began heckling him.

Footage from the Bishop’s lives-stream shows him dressed to the nines in a tailored suit while the women can be heard heckling him in the background.

Whitehead spoke in tongues as the women continued to yell. He then advanced towards them and asked them to leave his church.

As one woman walked past him, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and shoved her hard.

He later explained that she was walking toward his “baby” and he felt threatened. He said he was forced to protect his family.

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The flashy preacher made headlines earlier this year when he claimed he and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry during a sermon at his church in April.

He recently filed lawsuits for $20 million against two YouTube bloggers who ridiculed him in their videos.

Whitehead sued DeMario Jives and Larry Reid for defamation and slander in New York earlier this month.

He accused the two vloggers of slandering him and calling him a drug dealer and a scammer.