Beyonce Knowles

Yesterday, Beyonce Knowles dropped her latest music video, “Formation”, to make sure all eyes are on her leading up to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Supposedly, this lame music video broke the Internet last night. I guess it doesn’t take much to break the Internet these days.

Beyonce will perform “Hymn for the Weekend” with headlining group Coldplay and singer/songwriter Bruno Mars during halftime. But playing second fiddle is a crushing blow to her ego.

In a shocking move, Beyonce fired her entire management staff after they failed to secure the headlining gig for her at the Super Bowl.

Blue Ivy

The most insulting parts of the video was when Beyonce sings, “I like my baby with baby hair in an afro,” while posing her daughter, Blue Ivy, between two black girls with kinky, nappy hair.

The implication is that “beautiful light skinned” Blue Ivy rocks the afro and baby hair better than dark skinned black girls with natural hair.

First of all, just because Blue Ivy wears an afro does not make her black. She is still a mixed race creole child.

And did this heifer really sing “I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils”? Does she realize every member of the J5 had nose jobs?

Don’t black people have enough problems without Beyonce reminding us of our physical flaws?

I understand Beyonce has an incurable need for attention, but she went too far this time.