Remember Stitches, the rapper who was stomped and beaten to a bloody pulp by rap mogul The Game‘s manager?

The 20-year-old Miami native, whose real name is Phillip Katsabanis, announced he has cancer on his private Instagram account over the weekend.

But some people in his camp say he’s lying. This isn’t the 1st time the troubled rapper claimed to have cancer.

Katsabanis didn’t mention the C word, but he alluded to receiving “bad news” from his doctor. His followers filled in the missing part.

In April, he claimed to have cancer of the throat. But by November, he was miraculously cured. “Nigga, I ain’t got cancer no more! I took that sh*t out my neck. Stitches gonna live forever, man,” he said.

The grotesquely tatted rapper said he was quitting social media temporarily.

He said his managers would continue updating his social media accounts for him.

But, similar to rapper Boosie who also announced he has cancer, Stitches said he would continue touring.

“I’m gonna make sure this is the best tour I give just in case,” he wrote.