The Walking Dead

In Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Michonne (Danai Gurira) finally gets laid by Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

Here’s how the episode went down:

Huffington Post — Michonne has an emotional day where she and Spencer come across a zombified Deanna and finally put her to rest. Rick and Michonne eventually end up on the couch together and he presents her with some mints he scavenged. (She asked him for spearmint toothpaste earlier.)

One thing leads to another, and they start kissing. (Whaaaaattt!) Yada yada yada and the pair wind up naked in bed together, only to be woken later by Jesus, who breaks in the room and tells Rick they need to talk.

The Huffington Post spoke with Gurira about the anti-climactic sex scene. She said the moment was “great for the characters” and just “made a lot of sense.” She must mean ratings wise.

Richonne is finally out there. Is this a big weight off your shoulders?

Oh God, yes! Because people come at me. They come at me hard about this. “Why aren’t they together!” And people I don’t even expect. With old friends who I didn’t think watched the show, and all of a sudden they have me in the corner about Rick and Michonne, and I have to lead them, you know, fan them off with, “Oh, they’re just friends. That’s an important connection.” Meanwhile, we shot that scene months ago. Read more.