uterus transplant fails

A 26-year-old woman who received America’s first uterus transplant developed serious complications, and the uterus had to be removed on Tuesday.

The Cleveland Clinic, where the groundbreaking surgery was performed, made the announcement Wednesday.

Transplant failure usually occurs when the body’s immune system rejects the new organ as a foreign object and attacks it.

The first-of-its-kind surgery gave hope to barren women, transgenders and cross-dressers who had hoped to experience the miracle of birth.

The initial Feb. 24 procedure on the patient—who is known only as “Lindsey”—was heralded as a success at a press conference just two days ago. Lindsey is reportedly doing well after having the organ removed, and the clinic declined to elaborate on the nature of her complications; while pathologists investigate the transplant to understand what went wrong. (Source)