karrine steffans and columbus short

Rejoice ladies! Actor and friend of the blog Columbus Short is back on the market after his live-in lover (and rumored wife), Karrine Steffans, threw him out.

It was all good just a few days ago, but then Karrine caught Columbus (allegedly) cheating on her with an up-and-coming singer.


Rather than accept the fact that most men cheat — good men are hard to come by — Karrine went on a rampage on and offline.

“Somebody come get @officialcshort cheating ass and all his shit,” she wrote in a photo caption.

Steffans posted a video on her Instagram page that shows Columbus patiently waiting for a ride while his personal effects are strewn about his feet.

“No one has anything to say?” asks Steffans as Columbus appears stoic and prideful, despite being temporarily homeless.

Columbus will get back on his feet in no time. Despite his horrendous track record with women; he’s still a handsome and gainfully employed man. What woman wouldn’t want him?

Thanks to loyal reader Sharon G. for the tip.