deborah smith

A Georgia mother lost custody of her children after she shot their cell phones and blew up their beds in Youtube videos.

The Coweta County Department of Family and Children’s Services stepped in and removed Deborah Smith’s 2 youngest teenagers after she made a video blowing up her children’s beds.

Smith, who is known as “Southern Momma” on Youtube, made headlines in 2015 after she shot her son’s cell phone with a 12-gauge shotgun and posted the video online.

The mother of five adopted children said she uploaded the videos to Youtube because her children’s grades were slipping and they were hanging with the wrong crowd.

Her five children range in age from 16 to 29. The state removed Ethan, 15, and Robbie, 16, from her home in Coweta County.

“My children’s lives are more important to me than any electronic [device] on this earth,” Smith said after she shot the cell phone and finished it off with a sledgehammer.

She said she blew up the boys’ beds to teach her sons not to do drugs in the streets and come home and sleep.

“I made another video because my boys were out of control,” she said. “They’re stealing from us, they’re buying drugs and hanging out with “drug-thug buddies.”

“Today, we’re going to take that option of where to sleep away,” Smith said in the video. “I’ve had enough.”

After a concerned citizen called DFACS, social workers offered Smith a “safety plan” agreeing not to use weapons in front of the children.

But she refused to allow the state to take her rights to bear arms. So the state took away her sons.

Smith said she hopes the states enrolls the 2 boys in a drug treatment program.

They’re at the cusp of being 17 years old, where it goes from being juvenile offenses to adult offenses,” she said. “I just don’t know where it’s gonna end. I don’t want them to die.”