In last night’s episode of Fox TV’s Empire, Hakeem Lyon makes a fool out of himself (again) at a tacky press conference where he unveils the new Empire logo with his face replacing his father’s.

It turns out he was stringing Camilla along to get her and her “wife” Mimi to hand over control of Empire to him.

With the blessing of Cookie and Lucious, Hakeem mails Mimi a sex tape of himself and Camilla. Mimi flies into a rage and Camilla kills her and tries to make it look like a suicide.

Lucious Lyon catches Camilla in the act and hands her a gun, telling her to kill herself like a true G.

But Camilla decides to take herself out on her own terms — by swallowing a handful of pills.

Jamal Lyon is accused of “flip flopping” by a group of gay militants who dance around him while singing a parody of his brother’s drab rap song “Drip Drop”.

“That’s not even his song, stupid!” shouts Becky in Jamal’s defense.

Andre Lyon, who is still grieving the loss of his unborn son, has a vision of himself pushing his wife Rhonda down a flight of stairs. Meanwhile, her memory of the incident is beginning to return.

Video source: Ddotomen.com

Photo: Chuck Hodes/Fox TV