beyonce and jay z

After watching her father cheat on her mother for decades, pop icon Beyonce finally accepts her husband Jay Z‘s cheating ways.

The long-suffering singer exposed the rap mogul’s rampant womanizing in a song titled “Sorry” off her new album, Lemonade. Beyonce sings, “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

In street parlance, ‘Becky’ refers to white or fair skinned women. ‘Good hair’ is a term reviled by most black women. It simply means hair that doesn’t have to be fried, lyed, or hot combed to be manageable.

A source tells Page Six exclusively that ‘Becky’ is actually a composite of the many LSLH (light skinned, long hair) women Jay Z has slept with over the years.

“I don’t think Beyoncé is calling out one girl. It is many girls. The rumors have been around for years,” the source told Page Six.

The insider said Jay Z is “100 percent behind” Beyonce exposing him for a bigger payday.

“They develop these storylines to sell albums. ‘Lemonade’ is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyoncé are entertainers at the top of their game. Do you think Jay would release her album on [his own] Tidal if it really was all about him? He is 100 percent behind this.”

Another insider told E! Entertainment that Beyonce and Jay Z had “a lot” of counseling sessions to save their marriage.

Fashion designer Rachel Roy unwisely acknowledged her role as one of Jay Z’s mistresses. But she walked back her claim after Beyonce’s rabid fan base unleashed their fury upon her and her children.

British chanteuse Rita Ora also snatched back her ‘Becky’ acknowledgment after the BeyHive targeted her for online abuse.