PFK Boom confronts Jamal Bryant

Pastor Jamal Bryant was confronted by Baltimore activists at a rally for Tyrone West who died in police custody in 2013. Bryant showed up with a camera to film a SnapChat from the rally at Tubman House, a vacant house which is slated for demolition near the site where Freddie Gray was arrested.

An activist who calls himself PFK Boom stepped to Bryant and told him in no uncertain terms — and in very colorful language — that his type is not wanted in Baltimore.

PFK suggested that Bryant get the f*ck out of his whole entire city. City Paper was there to film the verbal beatdown.

“You disrespect our streets, man,” said PFK. “You trying to kill us, man. We don’t want you in our f*cking city! Get the f*ck out the whole city! The streets don’t want you here.”

Bryant, who was clearly embarrassed, lowered his head and walked away, as a Caucasian female rapper named Shy Lady Heroin kicked a freestyle rap about him.

“Jamal Bryant, you should be ashamed of yourself / for selling out your people for your fame and your wealth.”

Shy Lady Heroin

Bryant caught flack when one of his baby mamas put him on blast recently.

LaToya Odom claims Bryant is the father of her toddler — and she even provided the receipts in the form of a DNA test. Odom says she was pressured to abort the beautiful baby boy whom Bryant refuses to see.

Thanks to loyal reader Jusstlookn for the tip.