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barack obama

One of the first things President Barack Obama did when he arrived in Flint, Michigan was allow reporters to observe him drinking crystal clear filtered Flint tap water.

Obama claimed the water he sipped was the same contaminated substance flowing through the cities rusted out pipes. Flint switched over from Detroit's municipal water system to the Flint River in 2014, triggering the current water crisis.

"You should be angry," Obama told parents inside a packed high school gym in Flint on Wednesday. "But channel that anger. You should be hurt, but don't sink into despair. And most of all, do not somehow communicate to our children here in this city that they're going to be saddled with problems for the rest of their lives, because they will not. They'll do just fine."

After his speech, Obama asked a staffer to bring him a glass of "filtered" tap water.

He made a show of sipping the water in front of reporters, while insisting that the water was safe for all Flint residents to drink.

"It just confirms what we know scientifically, which is that if you're using a filter, if you're installing it, then Flint water at this point is drinkable," he said, to a round of applause from his supporters.

Obama promised the rusty pipes would be replaced by 2018 -- long after he vacates the White House.

  • Yoni

    Now out of all the things that folks have lied on this man about, I don't think that was "the real Flint poison".

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    I saw this on msnbc this morning...

  • MissyJ

    Dang i missed a whole post.. Nobody tell folks to come upstairs no more??

  • missarewa

    Hmmmmm..... Let me just say with the kind of 0 deductible 0 copay health insurance Obama probably has, this isn't enough. Flint residents are better off drinking bottled water for a few months just to be sure.

  • Fendi

    Obama's staffer bought him a nice, room temperature glass of Fiji water. Flint water has been toxic for YEARS. It won't change anytime soon. The government allowed this to happen and they're doing little to correct the problem. It's shameful.

  • NegroDamus

    I guess Evian bought from a store in Flint is "technically" Flint water ??

  • Just Keya

    Before they gave him that glass of water, that mess was filtered DOWN. Because in my head, Obama was not about to drink that water if it wasn't. Tuh. I wouldn't. Sorry but not sorry.

  • iWasteTime

    How we know that was Flint out the tap, through the filter water?
    those officials did not give him that water .. no way
    Him meeting Little Miss Flint was adorable, she squealed with her 8 yr old self!

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Sorry! I don't always see a "New Post" post either. I've learned to leave the post and refresh to keep up.

  • MissHarlem

    Watch the comprehension lack drastically ?

  • Roderick2011

    I still don't understand why the Prez had to drink the water since it was the racist POS governor who fugged up.

  • 88

    President Obama is just making a fool out of us first you tell white ppl it's okay to call us N---- now you playing mind games on ppl who have to drink poison water smdh.

  • Lovezoe

    First thought: love him but that ain't Flint water.

  • 88

    He was told to do so to reassure black ppl that it's okay to drink the poison water. They all on the same team.

  • Nay

    Send in the puppet to pacify the black ppl smh. They all make me sick. Obama is a puppet. Just like the last 43 in office and the next one we get in office. Next ?

  • Django the God

    I like the 7-Eleven water.

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    I'm just here for the commentary.

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    So it's not white supremacy at work?

  • MissHarlem

    Sits in corner while snackin on some swedish fish ?

  • 88

    Of course that's the name of the game.

  • Django the God

    You think he drank roots after?

  • 100milesperhour

    This is to reassure poor blacks it's okay to drink death. He should give a glass to his 2 daughters since he doesn't mind misleading folks.

  • sunni_daze

    Yeah, I'm not buying that the POTUS just drank sewer water. And is it safe to assume that they are not going to really address this problem and resolve the issue? These kids will have medical issues forever, but it's cool to drink the water, foh.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Not me. These are the posts that have the blog blowing up. Randoms come out the woodwork to argue you down. They make my eyes hurt from rolling them too hard. I'll wait for the next post. SN: I have a bball question for you.

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    Swedish fish ?

  • MissHarlem

    Awww don't be a Debbie Downer. Stupidity is funny

  • MissHarlem

    Bout to eat the last one but I will share today here ?

  • NegroDamus

    is this the usual time for someone's ex paparazzo boo to pop up. i always miss it :sadface:

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    Thats what I mean. Cause they will be tripping hard. Just watching. What your question ill?

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    new post. Old queen

  • Monday

    Why is the black man has to do the dirty job...

    I would redo another drinking test when they have a new president..

    Ain't NO WAY a water that was infected for yeara become clean within months

    Let TRUMP "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" OR HILARY "MRS MONSANTO" drink the FLINT water then I will mmmaaayyybe believe

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Stupidity, yes. Hostility, no. That's a fine line in some posts.

  • iWasteTime

    I just had a Fruit by the Foot though !!

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    He is on his way out; he doesn't care. Black, White, Yellow... he is still a politician. He made a good name for himself so he can get a nice swanky library; he is happy. The social and economic classes are still what they were before he became President. In fact, middle class is even more poor than before. I'm not saying it's all his fault but, the things he did do could have taken a back burner to the issues that needed to be dealt with prior to him coming in to office. Obamacare is such a failure and the broken programs that were already in place are still broken. Let's see if the next puppet does better. -probably not- blah.

  • mainey

    Flint residents: Do not drink the water!!! I don't care who takes a sip.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Why is Oakley mad at Barkley? Currently. Not their old beef. I couldn't follow what Barkley said that set him off.

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    I was some. *sad face*

  • Django the God

    They were backstage with one of those travel filters.

  • SandraRose

    My former readers used to announce a new post. But they abandoned the garden for Bo$$ip and other white-owned blogs. ?

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    Basically he thought Barkley commentary after the Hawks/Cavs game was a swipe at Cleveland. The city and the team. Oakley is a native Clevelander.

    It re-ignited the old feud. Them two been at it I swear 20 years PLUS.

  • iWasteTime

    +1 Sis , Hubby tried to put me on this morning, I blocked him out! go Brush your son HAIR!!! talking to me

  • Yoni

    Point'em out.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Oh, okay. I saw something about Barkley saying the Hawks should take someone out and I wasn't sure if he meant hurt a player or what. Was all confused. I clearly need to stick to football.

  • MissyJ

    Sandy we couldn't rock with Da'Quan and some posts really do not seem like they are being written by the one and only @SandraRose.. seem like you maybe you went white owned as well or have some white ghost bloggers..... As far as Bo$$ip I can't say.. But I will say we have an IG group of folks that met through your illustrious blog without all the entanglements that the wide open gat brings

  • inplainsight

    That's right...but people are unable to wrap their heads around it. Just another puppet.

  • MissHarlem

    Rushes to store buys you a pack ?

  • ATL White Guy

    I saw this on the news last night. He sure didn't take much of a drink. The President looked a little timid when he ssssssipped it as delicately as he could.

  • inplainsight

    All puppets work for the benefit of the monied, i.e. powers that be, i.e. PUPPET MASTERS...The end. Next one will be the same.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Ha! I always knew y'all were hiding somewhere else. LOL! But I can respect that.

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Nawl they rude ??

  • Jusstlookn

    I love the President, but he looked scared like a mutha f*cka

  • Branch Davidian

    Now if we could only get Hillary to drink the water in Fukushima...

  • Monique B

    Keep kissing azz Mr.President?

  • Zizzle

    Now for what President Obama actually said:

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged parents in Flint, Michigan, to ensure their children were tested for lead in their blood even as he sought to assure the community that filtered water in the city was safe for anyone over the age of six.

  • Zizzle

    Hell, they might as well with you constantly using breitbart . com as a source.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    LOL @ Sandra. Girrrlll LOL. But ya'll can say what you want when you want but Sandra tried to warn ya'll Kool-Aid drankin' Negroes that this man was an opportunist who could care less about your asses.

    How ironic that he's fighting to put that crazy looking white man on the Supreme Court, but couldn't find a single black woman to appoint. He also didn't bother fighting for all these black boys who've been killed by cops--even in Chicago, where his homie is mayor, who tried to cover up at least one of those murders.

    Obama is full of shit.

  • sunni_daze

    Oh, I know he on his phucket tour. I can't say that people having health insurance is a failure, whether you agree or not it has helped alot of families. As far as the next puppet, I don't even want to see it.

  • BRuhman_Vista

    Unless I see him drank some water from a hose pipe (like we would do back in my younger days), I say this ain't legit. ????

  • product of 79

    Umm... I'm not convinced my kinfolk in Detroit said the water still GROSS... With filter ?... So Obama WE don't believe you, you need more ppl.

  • Wayup!

    Yeah..small sips my ni##a...small sips!?

  • ~~eb

    I do NOT believe this for ONE second!

  • Mel

    Obama ain't drink the real water foh secret service don't play that. They poured a bottle of Poland spring in a glass

  • melissaisasnob

    What have we become that the president of the United States, the president has to go down to a town/city and make something happen? Do mayors and council members do anything anymore other than steal the money out of the city's pot. The president of the United States should not have to be dealing with the micro matters. Have we become a micro-managing nation?

  • Lisa Daniels

    As must as I love Obama, with a due respect, ninja please. You ain't drank that toilet any you know it. Did anyone see where this where this staffer got this water get this water from? Hell no. This was stuff up Auqafina. Obama, do better. A real g , would have knocked on Tammy and Keisha em house and asked for a cup of water. Ijs.

  • Auditor

    "At this point is drinkable"... Why was it undrinkable at all?!!!

  • Auditor

    Lol shiiiit

  • Auditor

    Read your history ain't never did ish...just an illusion to keep YOU in check...

  • Auditor


  • Auditor

    Don't forget coinsurance...they get you 3 ways...

  • missarewa

    Dang. I forgot about that!

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Sandra some still point it out.... ?

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    A few years I would say until every pipe is replaced..., sad though!

  • testtee

    It the water was safe..he should've drank the whole glass... But he didnt.. He didnt want to be found in an elevator like prince. ?

  • Americadies

    Given the number of things Obama has put in his mouth and swallowed during his days in the Chicago bathhouses, the water is probably the cleanest.

  • MzFutureLCSW

    "You should be hurt, but don’t sink into despair."
    Perfectly stated.

  • the guest

    No way they let him drink Flint water. Love his speech, always uplifts. But I would stop at encouraging people to drink the water.

  • Yoni

    Right. I didn't hear/read the speech.

  • Liah

    UMMMMMM....Ima leave this one alone....

  • Sincerity7

    Super duper filtered if it was actually tap water....

  • Americadies

    Considering what Obama swallowed at the bathhouses, the Flint water is probably the cleanest.