The Cincinnati Zoo has completed renovations on a new fence around the Gorilla World exhibit after a beloved silverback gorilla was shot and killed when a boy fell into the moat.

The zoo erected a 42-inch tall fence around the exhibit to replace the old 3-foot fence that surrounded the exhibit for years.

According to WCPO, the new fence is fortified with wooden beams along the top and bottom and netting in between.

The gorilla exhibit is set to reopen on Tuesday, WCPO reports.

The old fence wasn’t enough to keep 4-year-old Isiah Dickerson out on Saturday.

Michelle Gregg Isiah

After seeing the movie The Jungle Book, the precocious toddler was determined to swim with the gorillas.

He crawled under the old fence, over some rocks, and through some bushes before falling 15 feet into 18 inches of water.

Harambe the gorilla, who turned 17 the day before, was shot and killed by the zoo’s emergency response team after the primate dragged the child to safety and stood guard over the boy.