PFK Boom Pastor Jamal Bryant

You’ll be happy to know that embattled preacher Jamal Bryant and Baltimore activist PRK Boom have settled their differences for the better good of the hood.

“We came together today as men, saying that we had a responsibility for a whole ‘nother generation that’s coming behind us on how do you resolve your differences,” Bryant told The City Paper. “Let me say before we go forward that we do not agree on everything. We do not share the same belief on everything. What we do know is we are stronger together that we are separated.”

PFK Boom Pastor Jamal Bryant

If you recall, last month, Bryant was confronted by Boom and other activists at a rally for Tyrone West, an unarmed black man who died in police custody in 2013.

Bryant showed up with a camera to film a SnapChat from the rally, But PFK Boom stepped to Bryant and told him — in very colorful language — to beat it.

PFK Boom confronts Jamal Bryant

But the 2 men have since made amends, after other preachers got involved.

Loyal reader Kimberly doesn’t believe the men are now friends. She thinks it was all a publicity stunt.

What do you think?