Thomas Beatie mugshots

Remember Thomas Beatie, the butch lesbian who gained fame as the world’s first “pregnant man”? She just got married again.

Beatie, 42, who gave birth to three children between 2008-2010, “married” her children’s preschool director Amber Nichols, 46, in a civil ceremony in Arizona.

Beattie’s first marriage to Nancy Beatie in 2003, took four years to finalize because gay divorce is not as simple as gay marriage.

In October 2015, Beatie plead guilty to disorderly conduct for stalking Nancy, according to ABC15 News.

Nancy, 52, told authorities she found a GPS tracking device under her car in September 2014. Thomas plead not guilty to one count of staking in 2014 after admitting to placing the device under the car in 2012.

Thomas said the car was “joint marital” property and therefore it was not illegal to keep track of it.

Beatie was born a girl and decided she was really a boy at age 10. She began hormone treatments at age 23, and the world media embraced her claim to be a pregnant man in 2008.

Beatie has 2 boys and a girl, and Nichols has a daughter from a previous relationship with a biological man.

Beatie takes excessive doses of male hormone testosterone to maintain her male characteristics.

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