zika baby

The U.S. welcomed the first Zika baby born on American soil this week. The newborn was delivered in New Jersey on Tuesday to a 31-year-old mother.

The baby girl suffers from severe birth defects related to the mosquito-bourne Zika virus.

According to Fox News, the mother, who is not American, contracted the Zika virus in Honduras and was hospitalized at Hackensack University Medical Center on Friday after she traveled to the United States on vacation.

Doctors at Hackensack performed an emergency c-section and delivered the baby, who has intracranial defects, intestinal and visual issues.

The mother developed a rash while in Honduras and arrived in the U.S. about 30 days ago.

The infant is believed to be the first born in the U.S. with Zika-related birth defects.

The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is monitoring hundreds of pregnant women in the U.S. who may have contracted the Zika virus.

The Zika virus causes Microcephaly, a severe birth defect that results in babies being born with small brains and neurological deficits such as hearing and visual problems.

The CDC has advised women not to travel to areas where Zika is prevalent. There is no known cure.