Darren Glymph

The 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s computers continues to shake up the Democratic Convention.

In one internal memo released on Friday by WikiLeaks, a DNC staffer named Julia Lahl complains bitterly that a gay VIP named Darrin Glymph is too “high maintenance” for her to handle.

The email, which is titled “Close out memo” and dated April 22, 2016, describes Glymph as “extremely high maintenance.”

Glymph was one of the 3 hosts who organized a Democratic fundraiser held in Washington, D.C. in May 2015.

The memo describes the event as “wildly successful” in recruiting gay men to “get involved” in the Democratic party’s LGBT Leadership Council.

But Lahl didn’t appreciate working with Glymph, whom she said was too difficult for the $5,000 check the DNC was paying him to help organize the gay event.

“Darrin would like to become more involved but he is hard to get in touch with and is extremely high maintenance,” Lahl wrote in the internal memo. “I found him to be too much work for what he is worth (maybe a 5k check).”

Glymph, who won an award for leadership in the 2016 D.C. Black Gay Pride, is described by the DNC as “one of the movers and shakers in the LGBT community.”