Keshia Knight Pulliam Ed Hartwell

‘Cosby’ kid Keshia Knight Pulliam is pregnant with her 1st baby.

The 37-year-old former child star teased her social media followers with an post, saying: “Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon… Tune into #KandidlyKeshia this week for the details!!”

Accompanying the post was a photo of herself holding a cupcake with pink frosting.

A friend later posted an image of Keshia’s baby bump on social media.

Right away, bloggers assumed she was pregnant by her womanizing husband, Edgerton Hartwell.

Keshia Knight Pulliam Ed Hartwell

Insiders are whispering that their marriage is on the rocks. The insiders say Keshia thought she would have a gut full of baby by at least the 3rd month of matrimony.

But she was bitterly disappointed when Hartwell wasn’t interested in having any more children (he has a son with socialite Lisa Wu).

Whoever the daddy is, a child is always a blessing.