Gigi Gorgeous

For some reason, Kylie Jenner's bestie, transsexual Gigi Gorgeous, thought it was a good idea to fly to the Middle East while wearing a dress, makeup and a wig.

According to gossip tabloid TMZ, Gigi was detained at the Dubai airport after airport police confiscated his passport for impersonating a female.

The 24-year-old makeup artist from Canada told TMZ he was stopped by an immigration officer who said, "I was told you are transgender. You cannot come into the country."

Gigi, who was born Gregory Lazzarato, said his passport was updated to reflect his chosen gender identity as "Gigi Loren."

But the Dubai airport police says the passport describes Gigi as male and the passport photo shows him as a male.

TMZ, who considers themselves to be the LGBT police or something, did some investigating.

They learned that trannies aren't welcomed with open arms in the Middle East.

In Dubai the "imitation of women by men" is illegal, and violators face up to a year in jail, TMZ writes.

The gossip tabloid reports the Dubai airport police confiscated Gigi's passport, and he is being detained.

Gigi is fortunate his plane wasn't diverted to Iraq or Iran. He and his passport would have vanished without a trace.

  • Sucker Free

    Gigi gorgeous.. bish where?

    We need legislation like this in the US ?

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Dont you check on this stuff before you leave the country? I do not leave the USA at all. I know the laws here and the injustices that go with them. ... I can't say that in other countries. I stay where I have a lawyer paid up.

  • That’s Interesting

    They saved him. If they don't want transgendered and it's unsafe, then don't go. Friend, huh? Or threesome partner?

  • Whiplash(lacejagger)

    @sandra Shauna brooks is always bragging about being in Dubai

  • Taylordanes

    This mentally ill man needs some meds..point blank....

  • Chauncey Brooks

    All perfectly legal in the middle east. America might need to rethink it's past polices for playing dress up, adult's do not have to pretend to go along with the ruse.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    In Dubai the “imitation of women by men” is illegal, and violators face up to a year in jail, TMZ writes.

    Can someone please send Bruce Trans-Jenner (LMAO at Lurk for that one) over there????? If I see that fool, or hear his alias one more time, I'm gonna scream.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    This is what I'm questioning

  • Jackie Rayne

    What did this tranny expect?? Your passport says you're a man so guess what that's your gender boo boo!

  • 1shy112

    Please don't tell me you can be who you identify as on a passport. Wtf!!! They blow easy stuff out of proportion. If your born a male your male if your born a woman your woman...period!!! ????

  • Incog-knee-gress

    Dubai plays NO games about ANYTHING. ANYTHING. That is now considered a prime vacation spot. But hell. I cant go. Not NEVER. Too much heathen in me.

  • scentsychick30

    I guess Dubai said we don't care if you identify as a rich yt women your passport states you are a boy Damon ??

  • Incog-knee-gress

    Friend, huh? Or threesome partner?
    So when Kylie go make the after threesome sex sandwiches... like Karreuche did when her, Chris, and his baby mama got it on...

    WHO gets pregnant in THIS scenario?

    Chris Brown baby mama Nia, caught the baby in the last scenario.

    Who gets knocked in this one? Tyga? QTNA

  • Taz

    They don't play that shat over yonder....

  • harley_quinn2.0


  • Incog-knee-gress

    Someone answer my question down yonder on who gets pregnant in the threesome of Kylie, this fool up top, and Tyga. I gotta go. Lunch here.

  • zeta4life


  • Django the God

    He is going to hurt their Bacha Boy business.

  • eljjai

    Um okay. What did he think was going to happen, see this is what annoys me about the LGBT crew. You don't take your delusions everywhere and think it will be all cool. Some places just aren't cool with your sht. And you can't change that by flaunting it in people's faces. Have some common sense.

  • Renee Bee

    Is he hiding his Adams apple in that pic? ??

  • Str8tUpMenace

    Not nary one of em, cuz Kylie was born as a Kyle. I'm sure of it, too.

  • HugItOut

    That's unfortunate. There's a whole wide world out there and much of it is better than the US in many ways (race relations, accessibility to non-GMO foods, less emphasis on your occupation/money, free higher education, etc.)

    I would encourage you to do some traveling abroad if you get the chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised

  • Str8tUpMenace

    You ain't even allowed to cuss in some countries, so what was this wack job should've did some research before going over there.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    I answered you up above, and right here.

    *Not nary one of em, cuz Kylie was born as a Kyle. I'm sure of it, too.

  • MissHarlem

    Damn I was about to plan our Dubai trip

  • Str8tUpMenace

    Too bad there's no reward for his ass, cuz I'd be searching for him like he was a creature on Pokemon Go

  • yoni

    What's with all of these grainy pics on these $600 phns?


    well ...Gregory Lazzarato aka GiGi looks like ya may have a new folks learn real quick...every place AINT like the GREAT USA...

  • mainey

    The 24-year-old makeup artist from Canada
    24 where?

  • Loyal Lifestyle

    That's how I feel. If I impersonated a dog all day and said that I feel like a human, born in a dogs body, I would be considered mentally ill. They can impersonate women all day, everyday and no one says a thing but "we need to accept them the way they are." "They cant help it because they were born that way." ?Someone Is Lying.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    So I see some ignorant ass folks were talking trash about Gabby's hair, again. SMDH

  • sunni_daze

    See some countries just aint down for that ish...oh well and I agree with @Sucker Free

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Apple users ish talk android picture quality and I really can't tell any difference.

  • That’s Interesting

    Lol. It'll be Kylie. Soon.

  • ChikPea

    gigi lucky the plane didn't land in Saudi Arabia or her head go bye bye

  • Melissaisasnob

    You can't believe anything these pigs and wigs say. Nothing. They are pathological liars and will go after you if you don't play along with their lies.

  • Kelly Jhene

    I love Gigi! Amazing role model for girls and transgirls alike (yes, most of her followers are female born).

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_


  • Kelly Jhene

    it's not illegal for trans girls to be in Dubai. Dubai is actually more liberal than a lot of other Muslim countries

  • Melissaisasnob

    They all look stupid trying to display what he done bought when the world knows he doesn't pay his bills. Tyga forgets himself.

  • Rayscoty

    Gigi is fortunate his plane wasn’t diverted to Iraq or Iran. He and his passport would have vanished without a trace.
    I can't stop laughing at this statement. I love Sandra shade

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    Did he not know the law before he hopped on the plane, or just assumed that the Kardashians had that much pull. You can't go to these countries in the middle east and think they are gonna let that stuff fly. They don't even respect their own women born with true parts, so I know dogg gone well they wasn't letting some other dude come over and fake like a woman. I hope she is treated well and not harmed. Anything could happen to her or him over there.

  • Jen_n_juice

    Folks need to learn the laws and rules in other countries before visiting. Everyone ain't as "friendly" as the US

  • Jen_n_juice

    Fawking dead! ??

  • starbright9449

    LMAO @ him and his passport disappearing without a trace.

  • ATL White Guy

    Always interesting how these countries are so rigid & such with their laws, yet they invite American women over & pay them appearance money and from what I hear perform and have things performed on them that most people would find perverted to all but R. Kelly.

  • starbright9449


  • zeta4life


  • mela.reign77

    Everybody don't play that, the Guch better stay his behind from Dubai. They are not the United States and don't give a rats patootie about who you want to be. Keep on allowing them Kardashians gas his head up if he wants to. They're going to have him/her trapped over there forever unable to leave. Calling him by his government name, hair dyed black wearing gray sweats and a shirt that reads I am who I am and on the back it's says GREG in red writing. KMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liah


  • SameoleJ

    And most,if not all, of the women they invite over are post-surgery or trans-rebuild....only reason for the trip was to get the funds to finish the "upgrades". And I am sure there are some transgenders who are flown in too.

  • SameoleJ

    And most,if not all, of the women they invite over are post-surgery or trans-rebuild....only reason for the trip was to get the funds to finish the "upgrades". And I am sure there are some transgenders who are flown in too.

  • SameoleJ

    Dude, yes you are still a dude, the Kumdumpsters don't even have pull with their Armenian!!

  • SameoleJ

    Dude, yes you are still a dude, the Kumdumpsters don't even have pull with their Armenian!!

  • SameoleJ

    His female parts, perhaps!!

  • SameoleJ

    His female parts, perhaps!!

  • LibraGirlonly

    Gesh dude you better stay out of the Middle East with that sheit cause they don't play that.

  • LibraGirlonly

    Gesh dude you better stay out of the Middle East with that sheit cause they don't play that.

  • LibraGirlonly

    They don't have any respect for those women. They would behead one of their women if they found out they are selling their body.

  • SameoleJ

    So she was actually the first Jenner to swap out?!

  • LibraGirlonly

    I have apple and I think the Android phones take better pictures.

  • ATL White Guy

    Agreed. I think some rich people like to pay people, then watch or do unnatural things to them so they feel superior. A freak with $$ is the most dangerous freak of all.

  • SameoleJ

    What happened to my flight?! Oh you thought I FORGOT?!! nerp!! LOL

  • Panther Charleston

    I wanna know who bankrolled the trip and sent the invitation. Hmm...maybe the wife called and tipped the give a damn off. Ha! You thought you was gone come in, dip and flip, then leave. Unt, un, honey. Now, you gone see what some real oppression feel like.

  • fudgeicecream


  • ATL White Guy

    Oh i didn't least it wasn't on Delta this week!

  • Vonn

    She inherited the genes from poppa Caitlyn.

  • Vonn

    She inherited the genes from poppa Caitlyn.

  • Incog-knee-gress

    I need a list of WHAT I can do there and then we shall see.

  • i troll it like i see it

    May need to read up on the laws and traditions of the land before you go to another country, but to be honest we westerners can be arrogant when we feel something is our "right" to do. He may have already known what was up and didn't care because it's his "right" to express himself.

  • Li

    That was dumb of him/her to not know the laws before she went. And him/her passport still stays "male?"

  • MzFutureLCSW

    Did the person NOT know this? Was this an innocent mistake?
    Or was this person "TRYING" to prove a point?
    You do not go to home of another and act a fool. And yes, this is acting a fool. You can end up dead doing this nonsense in other countries. Foolishness!

  • SoChlo

    That's sad. Traveling has showed me that the US is not as advanced as other counties in terms of social issues. I went to Thailand and no one bats an eye at a "lady boy". I was so glad I didn't listen to scared people who let fear stop them from exploring.

  • SoChlo

    Exactly. Let other people tell it every other country is a 3rd world crap hole compared to the US when it's quite the opposite. Fear holds a lot of people (especially people of color) back from discovery.

  • Monday

    TMZ is on it?? Soon they will change their original gender on their passeport...

    It's obvious that is the plan here because why a rich and "famous" person would go there and no one would tell him??

  • takenaback

    What an idiot. Do he even listen to the news or listen to documentaries?

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    No thanks but glad you have had good experiences. I've heard the complete opposite from other travelers... Especially American Black travelers.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    My uncle went to Thailand and was amazed at all the underage brothels out in the open. His experience being a well educated American Black man was horrible. He was offended by so many things there. He speaks the language and heard them say so many bad things to him thinking he didn't know better. I'm glad your experience was different.

  • SoChlo

    I'm sorry that was his experience. I didn't see any brothels but I didn't go to Bangkok or any real touristy areas.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Gigi is a jackass!! These countries give a goat more respect than they give women. How did he think he was just gonna 'sashay-shontae' through an Arab nation and they were gonna be okay with it?? Dumb-ass!

  • Mystery User

    Call Shanua Brooks - may be she can get you in?
    In any case, I hope he got his money up front. #workinggirl

  • stanhope

    Dumb bytch...why would HE think HE is welcome worldwide? Well HE is probably getting some gorgeous middle eastern uncut cheese while in detention. Ride it like a camel babe.

  • Dat nigga wit thee facts

    Lol they momma only spitting out girls. Rob was the exception.

  • Dakota H

    I wonder how shaunna brooks got in and he didn't. Dubai must have some big bucks since a lot of famous and semi famous celebs be prostituting themselves down there.

  • ramosyo

    Wtf was he/she doing over there!? Some freaky sheik picked up that nasty tab! Nigga hanging low wit a wiggy wig! I'm DONE???? call ya daddy he will not respond your now busted sir?????

  • Renee M

    I have been all over the world and I have never had a problem . Oh and I'm African American.

  • KB

    ROFLMAO! That picture though. I'm imagining that was the face and tears saying, "OMG! OMG! OMG!"

  • Shira Harding-James

    If I'm going out of the country, I'm looking up everything on everything!

  • barbeez

    Makeup artist? Kylie's best friend? Gigi is a Youtuber who started out as a male and transitioned online. Funny, he never had his passport updated.

  • Blak

    looks like I need to make a move to Dubai where the imitation of women by men is's just way to legal over these parts and impossible to find a straight man who acts like a man

  • Traci404

    I have heard the complete opposite. especially for Black Women.
    European Men love black women.
    Italians and French for sure.

  • Traci404

    (applause) GET YOUR PASSPORT.
    Don't live your entire life not having gone outside of the U.S.

  • HugItOut

    We have a narrative here in the US where we are taught to believe that we are the very best at everything. It's far from the truth. I am very well traveled and have had wonderful experiences from Cuba to Ghana and countries in between. Did you know that all Aruban citizens get free higher education at the institution of their choice (as long as they get accepted)?

    I'm a proud American but I'm a realist too.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Yes, I had that experience from Italians and French men when I lived in Hawaii but, it didn't seem respectful, they wanted to have sex with a black chick but, went home to their Italian and French wives. The locals put me on to that so, I always declined their "date" offers. They also treat American Black Women different than what they consider an "exotic" black chick

  • che’lint

    Yes , yes on everything! ????

  • Mel

    His name Geegory?? My goodness ??????

  • digital_femme

    I love when people get ironic! Gigi "Gorgeous"! ? So OTP!

  • Traci404

    That sounds like a bad experience.
    My experience has been total respect. and I didnt have to take my clothes off.

  • rodt

    someone gonna learnnnnn

  • rodt

    someone gonna learnnnnn

  • Guess Who

    These trannies need to learn not everyone is tolerant them playing pretend and some folks will NOT be forced to accept their disorder. Lemme guess, celebs will jump on the bandwagon and boycott going to Dubai, right? Doesn't matter, there are more than enough Millionaires in the world and American celebs don't stop shyt.

  • Lolalao

    He looks like Khole

  • hottlanta

    Yall remember a coupla of months ago this white boy went to North Korea to STEAL a sign and they got his butt. He was on television pleading for Barak to help him get back home to keep from going to jail. Barak said see ya. North Korea is not a vacation spot I will seek for a vacation on Trip Advisor.

  • hottlanta

    Please ALL countries discriminate for people because of their color and economic status. We all know that the DARKER you are globally they will put you at the bottom of the barrel just like the U.S. because they learned from the U.S. how to do it. I have traveled beyond Six Flags and seen it for myself. If Diana Ross marries one of the world richest white men and get discriminated against what makes you think they gonna treat you any better. She doesn't even go back over there.

  • hottlanta

    They looking at new meat, that is what exotic means. No more than black men doing to places like Brazil. Dominican and Eastern Europe who leave their wives at home JUSt to have sex with other women.

  • hottlanta

    My friend went to Paris to visit some black friends who lived in Paris. They were waiting on a cab and the white Parisians was talking about them in French thinking they didn't know the language because they were all AMERICANS. Her friend let it rip and they left.

  • Full Monty

    Stupid Americans. He/She LUCKY!!!!

  • HugItOut

    Exactly where are you talking about? I have traveled to over 12 countries throught the caribbean, europe and Africa. I have yet to have a problem. We shouldn't limit ourselves based on the bad experiences of others. There's no telling why things went badly for them while they were abroad. Perhaps they weren't respecring the other country's laws. Americans tend to think they can do whatever they want when they travel and that simply isn't the case.

    Y'all can stay here if you want to. I'm leaving the country again in a couple of months to have yet another good and enriching experience.

  • HugItOut

    They don't hear you. Makes me kinda sad how closed some people's minds are.

  • Billy

    How scary! I know he is scared shitless I hope they are not abusing him. Smh

  • hottlanta

    HOT OFF the PRESS. Please read and the next time when GROWN people are talking go somewhere and sit down. We don't have to make up racism stories and you saying it is something we did wrong. As if you are looking for racisms point and patting yourself on the shoulder, it ain't happened to me yet. You will get your wakeup call sooner or later. Keep living. You already gotten it but you ignored it.
    Is Afrophobia really on the rise in

    Roughly two months have passed since the Qiaobi detergent advertisement went viral. The advert – in which a Chinese woman shoves a black man into a washing machine only for him to emerge as a shiny, clean, Asian man – prompted some Western media to call it “the most racist ad ever”.At the height of the controversy, commentators from all over the world quarreled endlessly over whether or not the advert was evidence of China being a racist
    society. Eventually, the Chinese government intervened and the company behind the offensive advert issued an apology.

    Across my social and academic networks,
    the ad caused a major storm. Everyone from traders to academics and advertisers weighed in. With tensions running high, African traders in Guangzhou were quick to point out that Chinese
    ignorance in race-related matters was probably behind the advert.

    Meanwhile, academics debated the need
    to “contextualize” racism and racial prejudice in China. They also highlighted how international media tend to portray China and the Chinese in a negative light (especially in the context of Sino-African relations). At the same time, advertisers pointed out that adverts like the Qiaobi one are
    influenced by the long history of racist
    advertising in the West. They also explained that the advert showed how Chinese advertisers were unaware that their adverts could have a global reach.

    Racialism and a rising China

    Despite the fact that “race” as a biological
    category was discredited long ago, racial thinking or “racialism” is still common in China. Racialism is the belief that humans are naturally divided intobiological categories called “races”. Sometimes, the term racialism is used
    interchangeably with “racism” to mean a race-based way of thinking through human differences.

    Contemporary racial thinking in China
    is informed by historical ways of imagining “otherness”. These ways centre around differences such as skin colour, class and “ethnicity”. Contact with 19th century European colonialism and racial theories was also influential. More recently, the “rise of China” within the context of global consumerist societies has stirred up ethno-nationalist sentiments that affect how Chinese people think about race.

    In China, like other places, racial thinking is often accompanied by stereotypes and prejudices. Dark skin, for instance, is often seen negatively. This is something many of us foreigners
    have to live within China.

    Within this context, the Qiaobi advert
    was seen by some as proof that there’s racism in China, and as evidence that “Afrophobia” was on the rise. Those who “see” Afrophobia are quick to point to Chinese hiring practices, which prefer white foreigners to black ones.

    Any non-white foreigner living in China knows that these practices do not only discriminate against black people. They extend to other dark-skinned people. So, while deplorable, it’s not exactly Afrophobia.

    Despite little concrete evidence supporting claims of Afrophobia or “Anti-African” campaigns, these claims are often picked up by Western media. Some journalists seem all too ready to cast China and the Chinese as “racist”
    and Africans as the poor victims with no agency. This pattern is replicated in coverage of China as a “neo-colonial” power in Africa.

    But to equate Chinese rac(ial)ism with racism in the West is intellectually and historically dishonest. Rac(ial)ism and racial prejudice in China are still far from producing the exploitation, oppression, discrimination and murder that racist worldviews continue to
    produce in the West. In short, while there are deep-seated forms of rac(ial)ism in China, the rise of “Afrophobia” is difficult to prove.
    The issue is much more complex than that.

    ‘Race’ and racism in global media

    In most of the articles and comments
    following the offensive Chinese advert, people from all over the world used the terms racism, stereotypes and racial prejudice interchangeably. It quickly became clear to me that we haven’t figured out how to talk about “race” andracism in globally inclusive ways.

    The conversation is usually dominated
    by the American ways of talking about these issues. Needless to say, using the
    black/white binary paradigm of race as a measuring stick for racial issues in global and non-Western settings is problematic. If the many “racist” comments I’ve heard from African men about their Chinese counterparts is any guide, the problems highlighted by the Qiaobi advert are far more complex than what the American binary suggests.

    Figuring out who’s the racist, if this or that is racist, or if the Chinese are racist, is a waste of time. Rather than being black or white, it’s
    a complex matrix of practices that reproduce global systems of exploitation and oppression. Despite our skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, “race”, nationality or faith, we are all, to different degrees, participants in these

    White supremacy the Chinese way?

    As pointed out early on during the Qiaobi controversy, the advert is a revamped iteration of old Western racist tropes. To understand why such iterations emerge in China – and elsewhere in Asia – it’s important to look at how contemporary global media imaginations are influenced by long-standing racial theories and ideas. Enter white supremacy.

    As I write this piece, a tram covered in advertising stops in front of me on Shipyard Lane in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. In the advert, a young, handsome, white guy in a suit is levitating in front of a building. The Chinese words next to him are about leadership and success.

    On the next tram a blonde woman wearing
    a Swarovski ring is being admired by a young white man. Any survey of street advertising in this, or any other big Asian city, will show that white bodies are pervasively used as the markers of success, power, beauty and

    It is hardly news that global media are
    deeply shaped by a racial hierarchy that frames whiteness as a superior state of being. What I find fascinating is how these racially informed imaginations are negotiated by people in China when they imagine themselves and the world
    they live in.

    These negotiations have to be factored
    in against the backdrop of the “rise of China” – a rise that has led many to believe that the country will take up the reins of the global capitalist

    There are few indications that China
    would be willing (or able) to transform the (old imperial, capitalist, white supremacist and patriarchal) structures and practices that inform contemporary capitalism and that are, ultimately, behind the Qiaobi detergent advert.

    For me, these reflections were the main
    takeaways amid the uproar that followed the advert controversy.

    Roberto Castillo is a lecturer in China-Africa Relations at the University of Hong Kong.

  • HugItOut

    Now you know good and well I ain't got time to read even a fraction of that BS. I go off of my own actual experiences. Limit yourself if you would like and have a nice day