Kasim Reed

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed is appointing a female impersonator to the citizen’s review board.

Tracee McDaniel, who was born male, is the Executive Director of the Juxtaposed Center, a transgender advocacy group.

McDaniel served on the Atlanta Police Department’s LGBT advisory board and he was recently honored by the White House.

Reed told reporters, that given the climate between citizens and police, putting a transsexual on the board allows board members to “hear a unique voice”.

11 Alive News reports Reed made the announcement in a “rare appearance” in front of the citizen’s review board.

At least one board member — a white male — hid his face from 11 Alive’s camera.

Kasim Reed

Reed told 11 Alive News that he plans to become much more involved with the citizen’s review board now that a transsexual is on the board.

“I think many people are talking about our citizen’s review board as a national model,” Reed said.

The review board was originally created during allegations of police misconduct and use of excessive force.