Ryan Lochte

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte issued a half hearted apology to the citizens of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In his half hearted apology on Instagram.com, Lochte, 32, apologized “for not being more careful and candid” when he lied about being robbed early Saturday morning.

Like a typical narcissist, Lochte whined that it was “traumatic” for him to be out late with his friends in a foreign country, and have a stranger point a gun at him.

After drinking in bars all night, Lochte and 3 other members of the U.S. mens swim team were in a taxi cab that pulled in to a gas station. The men wanted to use the restroom but they found the bathroom door locked. So they kicked the door in and proceeded to destroy the bathroom.

After jumping back into the cab and attempting to leave, an off-duty police officer pointed a gun at them and ordered them out of the cab to wait for police.

There was a language barrier, but someone at the scene acted as a translator.

Lochte and his pals paid what amounts to 20 U.S. dollars for the damage to the gas station, and they were allowed to leave.

The story should have ended there.

But like a typical narcissist, Lochte decided to twist the story to make himself look like the victim. It’s always someone else’s fault.

He spun a web of lies about his cab being pulled over by men dressed as police who demanded cash from him at gunpoint.

Narcissists such as Lochte and MSNBC’s Brian Williams, rarely ever own up to their lies, unless apologizing makes them look like victims.

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