Burkini pool party

A Muslim women’s group in France is fighting back against discrimination at public pools by renting out a city pool for an entire day for a ‘women’s only’ burkini pool party.

The Muslim Women’s Association, based in Marseille, is causing outrage by asking women to wear burkini’s — Muslim swimwear — to the pool party planned for September 17th.

The invitation stresses Muslim women must be covered from chest to knees.

Under Sharia Law, Muslim women must cover every inch of their bodies — even when swimming.

Less conservative younger Muslim women are allowed to wear a one-piece swimsuit with shorts or a sarong.

Boys up to age 10 are permitted to swim, but men are not allowed to attend the party.

Michel Amiel, mayor of Pennes-Mirabeau, is planning to ban the event on the grounds that it might cause public disorder.

“This is a provocation which is not needed in the current context,” he said.

French women are particularly outraged at the body shaming implications of the pool party.

“This type of event is not going in the direction of the laws of the Republic of gender equality. What shocks me is that we say to women they need they cover themselves, otherwise they are shameless,“ said Valérie Boyer, Member of the National Assembly.

A female mayor complained that Muslim refugees refuse to assimilate or adopt the customs and cultures of the countries they migrate to.

“This ‘Islamic Day’ demonstrates that a number of Muslims voluntarily cut themselves off from our Republican model,” said Stephane Ravier, mayor of the 13th and 14th boroughs of Marseille.