T.I. should fire whoever booked him on the oddball Eric Andre Show.

The 35-year-old rap mogul kept his composure when a zombie broke through the floor and attacked him. And he kept his cool when a prosthetic penis broke through Eric Andre‘s desk.

But the funniest part came after Andre asked T.I. for a “High five” with the same hand he used to stroke the fake penis.

“Hey, I’ll be damned,” T.I. responds, adding that he would refuse to touch Andre’s hand “every time”.

T.I. finally gets annoyed and walks off the set when a man exposes himself onstage.

T.I. is known around the industry for being violently opposed to men coming on to him. It’s a surprise he put up with Andre’s silly antics for as long as he did.

This guy Eric Andre is not funny at all. How did he get his own show?


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