Jasmine Jordan

Michael Jordan‘s sexy daughter Jasmine Jordan is killing the game on Instagram. Now we see where she gets her hot bod from.

Jasmine, 23, posted this photo of her mom, Juanita Vanoy, on her Instagram yesterday.

She captioned the image:

“My Momma Harder Than A Lot Of You Ninjas – #WCW #WCE #MyYinToMyYang #TheBaddestInTheGame #BeliveThat #MessyBunGameStrong”

Remember when Jasmine turned lesbian a couple of years ago? Some of us couldn’t understand how that happened when she was raised in a stable environment by 2 loving parents.

It turns out she was just bicurious.

Jasmine hopped back over the fence with the quickness once she realized how emotionally unstable some lesbians can be (I said “some,” not all lesbians).

Now she’s dating a young man that any father would approve of.