Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones‘ new movie, Masterminds, cracks jokes about how she “looks like a man” in her role as a FBI agent.

But the movie isn’t coming under fire for harassing Jones’ looks, Breitbart.com reports.

Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, aka @Nero, was unceremoniously kicked off the social media platform Twitter.com for tweeting that Jones looked like a dude.

The dustup led Twitter.com to change its policy banning users who hurt the feelings of others.

It’s interesting to note that Masterminds sat on a shelf at the movie studio for more than a year before its upcoming nationwide release this weekend.

This means Jones knew she was the butt of ugly jokes in her own movie, but she played the victim after receiving the same type of harassment on Twitter.com.

I guess it makes a difference if you’re being paid to be called a man.

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