Hillary Clinton Zeiss

Hillary Clinton’s ongoing health issues upstaged September 11 memorials when she collapsed in New York City on Sunday.

Clinton reportedly suffered a seizure outside a 9/11 memorial event.

But enough about that. My readers want to know what type of space age eyewear Clinton was wearing when she collapsed.

Hillary Clinton seizure

According to an expert on Reddit.com, the sunshades are Zeiss F133 blue protective lenses.

The prescription lenses are designed specifically to help prevent seizures by filtering out light and the color red, the most seizure-provoking color, according to Videgameseizures blog.

Obviously the glasses were ineffective in Clinton’s case.

The lenses are made by the Zeiss company in Germany, known best for their high quality camera lenses.

F133 refers to the shade of blue in the glass. The tinting is also done by Zeiss.

The protective sunshades are approved by the Epilepsy Foundation.

Clinton, 69, reportedly suffers from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Clinton’s doctor claims she diagnosed her patient with pneumonia on Friday.