Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s other shoe dropped, literally, at a 9/11 memorial event in New York City on Sunday.

Clinton, 69, abruptly left the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony because she was reportedly “overheated” in 82-degree weather in New York City.

What likely happened is she left quickly because she felt an aura — a symptom that warns of a seizure coming on.

Clinton rushed out of the event without informing her Secret Service agents to have her van waiting for her outside.

The Secret Service broke protocol by not having the van already there — an embarrassing humiliation for the agents.

As Clinton stood on the curb waiting, her body stiffened and she stumbled.

A Secret Service agent and 2 women — one of them her doctor Lisa R. Bardack — grabbed her and propped her up.

A second Secret Service agent observed Clinton with a worrisome look on his face.

As the first agent stepped away from her side, he broke protocol again, to open the van door.

The other agent half dragged, half carried Mrs. Clinton into the van. By now she was dead weight. A bystander’s video footage captured the pitiful scene as her feet dragged off the curb.

As the agents loaded Clinton into the van she lost one of her shoes.

The Clinton camp broke protocol again by speeding off and leaving the press pool behind at ground zero.

The press pool is required to accompany Clinton wherever she goes.


Tom Brokaw, one of the few journalists with integrity left, shook his head and said “I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her.”

But instead of rushing Clinton to a nearby hospital, the driver rushed her to… her daughter Chelsea’s million-dollar apartment.

Hillary Clinton

The press pool of hand-picked reporters who travel everywhere with the president (or the incoming president) were left stranded at the 9/11 event.

As a public servant, the president answers to the people. And one of the ways the people keep tabs on the president (or candidate) is to receive news from a press pool.

For 90 minutes on Sunday no one in the press pool knew where Hillary went. Frantic calls from the reporters to Hillary’s handlers went unanswered, while her camp stalled to get their lies straight.

Until Sunday they’d been successful in pulling the wool over the media’s eyes. Clinton’s severe coughing and choking fit last week was attributed to “allergies”.

Clinton suffered a brain injury after she fell in 2012 and developed blood clots on her brain.

Washington insiders say she has Parkinson’s disease. The coughing fits are symptoms of a disorder called Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. The condition causes patients to accidentally aspirate their saliva.

In one of the 20,000 emails leaked by WikiLeaks, a Clinton staffer advises her about Provigil, an experimental medication used by the military to relieve Parkinson’s symptoms.

“Sunday morning changed the conversation in the race about Clinton’s health,” wrote the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza.

Earlier in the week, Cillizza dismissed widespread reports that Clinton was chronically ill and medically unfit to run for president.

On Tuesday he wrote: “The simple fact is that there is zero evidence that anything is seriously wrong with Clinton”.

By Sunday he had changed his tune: “Whether Clinton likes it or not, her ‘overheating’ episode comes at a very bad time for her campaign”.

“Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the “overheating” episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so.”

Finally on Sunday afternoon, Clinton’s doctor announced that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia… on Friday.

Miraculously, 90 minutes after her seizure episode, Clinton emerged from her daughter’s apartment smiling and waving, as if nothing was wrong.

This is expected of someone who had recently suffered a seizure — not someone who was diagnosed with pneumonia, and 90 minutes earlier had to be carried to her van and lost a shoe.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, who is neck-and-neck with Clinton in the polls, was uncharacteristically silence on Hillary’s health on Sunday.

After Hillary’s spectacular collapse in full view of millions, there is nothing left for Trump to say.

Related: David Seaman was terminated as a longtime contributor to the Huffington Post simply for reporting on Hillary’s health condition.

As long as freedom of the press still exists in America, the media will not be silenced.