Vladimir Putin Barack Obama

Have you been watching the news? Russia is threatening Word War 3 if U.S. President Barack Obama carpet bombs the Syrian army next week.

All the signs point to an imminent nuclear war between America, Russia, and America’s allies in NATO.

Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are scheduled to meet on Friday to decide whether to strike the Syrian army.

In anticipation of Obama’s decision, Russian President Vladimir Putin moved nuclear missiles close to the NATO border in Europe. On Wednesday, he launched ballistic missiles from a submarine in the Berents Sea.

And on Thursday, Putin summoned his top officials to return home to Russia immediately.

Political analysts believe this is a coordinated plan by Obama to start a world war to delay the U.S. presidential elections.

Analysts say the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration believe Donald Trump will win the presidential election on Nov. 8.

The Russians recently deployed air defense systems inside Syria. Russian personnel are manning the air defense systems.

The Russians warned that any air strikes against their personnel would result in retaliation that could spark a third world war.