John Podesta Ben Jealous Obama

The latest batch of Podesta emails dropped this morning. In one email, Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman John Podesta expresses his concerns about NAACP President Ben Jealous with Neera Tanden, an Indian political activist with deep connections in Washington, D.C.

Podesta begs Tanden to “do an intervention” because he was worried about rumors that Jealous was planning to endorse Bernie Sanders over Clinton (Jealous eventually did endorse Bernie).

Tanden theorized that the only reason Jealous would endorse Bernie is because “he’s really hung up on Obama not caring about black people”.

LINK to email.

Both Jealous and Obama are biracial.

Black people helped put Obama in office twice but he has done more for the gays, illegal immigrants and refugees than he has for black people who are still the most underserved minority group in America.

92 more days to go before Obama hits the door permanently.

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