baby in storm drain

A baby girl who was thrown 30 feet during a car crash was found safe inside a storm drain.

The accident happened on Friday around 7 pm on I-30 in Texarkana, Arkansas, KSLA reports.

8-month-old Bryce Hale was not secured in a baby seat when the car she was riding in was bumped by a truck and flipped.

The vehicle’s passengers, who were unharmed, attempted to find the baby, but couldn’t locate her.

Firefighters who arrived on the scene searched for the baby and eventually found her sitting inside a storm drain, waiting patiently to be rescued.

Firefighter Josh Moore said emergency responders heard sounds coming from a pile of hay. They removed the hay and found the storm drain.

“The baby at the time… was actually sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out. She wasn’t screaming, she wasn’t crying, was just sitting there waiting for us.”

“I thought she was gone,” Bryce’s mother, Jakesia Colson, told KSLA News.

“I started running up and down the highway looking everywhere for her, calling her name,” she said. “I didn’t hear a baby crying, no baby screaming, nothing. I panicked… It was the worst 15 minutes of my life trying to look for her.”

Firefighters say it was a miracle Bryce survived the crash with just a scratch.

The truck driver will be cited for causing the accident.