Brooke Baldwin

CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin broke down in tears after a CNN contributor uttered the racist slur “nigger” live on the air during her segment.

Baldwin, center, invited GOP political consultant Paris Dennard, left, and CNN contributor Charles Kaiser, right, to discuss Donald Trump’s senior counselor Stephen K. Bannon.

Baldwin, 37, was taken aback when Kaiser claimed President-elect Donald Trump urged his white supremacist supporters to give the Nazi salute at a rally.

“Wait, when did he say that?” asked Baldwin. “In March,” said Kaiser, adding that “there’s plenty of video of that”.

Kaiser went on to say that if Trump didn’t support the so-called “alt-right” movement, he shouldn’t choose Bannon as his counselor, “a man who uses the word nigger”.

“Wow,” said Baldwin who seemed momentarily stunned by Kaiser’s language.

She allowed Kaiser to ramble on before interrupting him.

“Charles, I appreciate you going through all of this, but please don’t use the n-word on my show.”

She wasn’t done. At the end of the segment, an emotional Baldwin scolded Kaiser for having the audacity to use disrespectful language on her show.

“I am still… the more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that somebody used the n-word on my show…” She paused before continuing. “It is NOT okay,” she said with tears in her eyes.