Kanye West Dr. Michael Farzam

The doctor who placed musician Kanye West on a 5150 psychiatric hold is not a psychiatrist, he’s a concierge doctor who makes house calls.

According to Housecalldoctorla.com, Dr. Michael Farzam is a hotel/concierge doctor who visits homes or hotel rooms throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

On Monday, Dr. Farzam called 911 saying West was experiencing “temporary psychosis” due to “sleep deprivation” and “dehydration”.

But how could a non-psychiatrist make a mental health diagnosis such as “temporary” psychosis? How would a concierge doctor know if West’s psychosis was temporary or ongoing?

Why didn’t West’s own physician make the call?

According to California law, a person can be placed on 72-hour 5150 hold if he is danger to himself or others due to a mental illness.

This latest news only adds to the speculation that West faked a mental breakdown to collect $30 million on his tour insurance.