Coca Cola Pepsi

San Francisco, California voters passed a controversial soda tax on sugary soft drinks yesterday.

Similar measures in Oakland, California and Boulder, Colorado also passed after ballots were counted early Wednesday.

Albany, CA already has a soda tax.

The soda tax will add up to 2-cents per ounce of soda in bottles or cans.

An average can of carbonated soda holds 31 fluid ounces. An average bottle of soda holds 16 fluid ounces. A can of soda can cost up to 62 cents more based on the soda tax.

One soda can contains as much as 8 teaspoons of sugar (about 39 grams).

The measure was hotly contested by soft drink manufacturers Coca Cola and Pepsi whose $100 billion in profits is in jeopardy because sales of their products have fallen off over the years.

$50 million was spent to either pass or defeat the soda tax in California.

Opponents of the soda tax say it will hit low income families hardest.

But health advocates have warned for years that sugary beverages leads to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, especially among the poor.