Phaedra Parks

While we were debating over whether Phaedra Parks or her jailbird husband, Apollo Nida, filed for divorce first, Parks quietly purchased a Buckhead mansion in her married name.

It’s almost like she intentionally wanted bloggers to find it.

According to, Parks purchased a fabulous $1.9 million mansion located along the 4500 block of Garmon Road in Atlanta’s prestigious Mt. Paran neighborhood.

Phaedra Parks

The 6 bedroom, 10 bath, 9,000 sq ft home boasts a swimming pool, two master bedroom suites, four fireplaces, and a four car garage.

A guest house on the property features an elevator shaft, an office level, kitchen, keeping room, bedroom and bath.

The 43-year-old mother-of-2 was recently scolded by a judge for illegally filing divorce papers using an incorrect spelling of her name to conceal the paperwork from her husband and bloggers.

According to SFTA, Parks violated Georgia law by filing for divorce using a misspelled name and then sealing the court documents, which is also illegal.

The judge forced Parks, an attorney by trade, to re-file the documents using her correct legal name. But by then, her estranged husband Apollo Nida had already filed his own divorce decree from behind bars.

Phaedra Parks

Anyway, back to the house. According to SFTA, “The security deed on the lavish home lists the new owner as ‘Phaedra P. Nida, an unmarried woman‘.” — I received a tip about a week ago that Phaedra purchased a new home but wasn’t quite ready to share the news until I got receipts.

Apparently Phaedra has been keeping her new digs under wraps for a few months now because according to the sales documents, she purchased her new home on October 14, 2016.

My tipster noted that Phaedra also promptly transferred the mansion into the name of her Trust, presumably to protect her new asset for estate planning.