Cuban Harry

Cuban Harry, a close associate of drug-addled rapper Li’l Wayne, was busted on charges of masterminding dozens of pharmacy burglaries in South Miami.

Harry, whose legal name is Harrison Garcia, was arrested by a drug task force in Miami on Monday.

A music producer by trade, Garcia is often seen in Instagram photos jet-setting with his celebrity pals and flashing stacks of cash.

Garcia allegedly robbed pharmacies and supplied prescription-strength cough syrup containing Codeine to his celebrity friends. Promethazine and Codeine are the main ingredients in purple drank, a mixture of cough syrup and soft drinks.

The powerful, highly-addictive potion, also known as “liquid heroin,” “lean,” and “sizzurp” is favored by hip hop stars such as Li’l Wayne and Chris Brown. The drink is usually served in styrofoam cups in nightclubs on the east and west coasts.

Purple drank is believed to be the reason behind Wayne’s much documented seizures. Rap star Pimp C died of an overdose of lean in 2008.

Miami Herald — State authorities charged the 26-year-old with racketeering, grand theft and trafficking in illegal drugs. He’ll be added to the pending trials of three men and a woman facing prosecution for dozens of pharmacy burglaries stretching from Plantation to Homestead.

Garcia was already facing separate federal charges of illegally selling the prescription-strength syrup of promethazine with codeine. In October, agents accused him of using his Instagram account – which boasts more than 37,000 followers – to set up deals to sell the drink popular with some club-goers.

Hialeah police arrested Garcia, who despite wearing a federal ankle monitor because of his upcoming trial, they say was found with a bottle of the cough syrup. That drew him an additional felony charge.

He remained in custody on Monday night. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.