Kanye West

Nurses and other medical personnel at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles were terminated after they accessed musician Kanye West‘s medical records.

Wedt, 39, was involuntarily hospitalized on Nov. 21 after experiencing what a house call doctor determined was “temporary psychosis”.

West checked himself out of the hospital 9 days later.

A source told gossip tabloid TMZ that numerous “curious” staffers accessed West’s medical chart on the hospital’s private computer network.

“A slew of people couldn’t resist attempting to look at his info in the computer,” the source said.

The staffers were caught by keylogging software installed on hospital computers to monitor what staff members are viewing on the hospital network.

It is a violation of hospital policy for medical personnel who are not working directly with a patient to access that patient’s medical records.

The problem is especially worrisome at medical facilities in NY and LA that cater to celebrity patients due to the promise of cash from gossip tabloids in exchange for information.

UCLA has been plagued by leaks to TMZ and other gossip tabloids over the years.

Maybe the hospital should pay its staff better salaries?