Sheri Shermeyer

A Pennsylvania woman who gave birth past the recommended age of 30 wrote a bitter, vindictive suicide note to her husband before smothering her 1-year-old son and killing herself.

In the lengthy note on her Facebook page, Sheri Shermeyer, 40, called her husband a “nasty man”.

Shermeyer’s life seemed unfulfilled after marrying Tracy Alan Shermeyer in 2014 and giving birth to their son a year later. Having a child at age 39 seemed to drive her off the edge.

She complained that she didn’t get enough attention from her husband. “I’m tired of being a single parent in a 2 parent home,” she wrote.

“You will never see your son again. You don’t deserve to have a son, a legacy. Why should you have your name carried on? You are a nasty man.”

Shermeyer posted the note on her Facebook page at 7:52 am on Christmas eve, after her husband left home for the day. She killed her son and shot herself soon after posting the note.

In the note, she accused her husband of calling her and their infant son names.

“How about calling your son a pussy? Or a whinny ass little bitch? Telling him that he’s always going to be stuck up my ass? Call me names all you want, but leave him out of this. This is why you will never see him ever again,” she wrote.

She also said he threatened her with divorce. “So, you can have the single life back, that you throw in my face often,” she wrote.

Shermeyer ended her suicide note by writing:

“Oh before I forget. Make sure you take mine and John’s life insurance and pay off my debts, that had ruined your credit. And go to Arizona and buy that house you have so badly been wanting to do. I told you I was NOT going with you if you were drinking and I meant what I said, just hate it had to end this way. Enjoy your miserable life. Thanks for saying goodbye when you left this morning.”

Police are investigating the case as a murder-suicide.