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Trey Songz

Singer Trey Songz posted this bathroom mirror Selfie for his male and female fans on social media.

The 32-year-old musician released the 3rd installment of his Anticipation mixtape series on Thursday.

According to VIBE magazine, "the 11-track project features Mike xAngel, Dave East, Justine Darcenne and Chisanity. Production is handled by Lee Majors, Mogul, Rex Kudo, Nizzy, RealSkMusic, Sean Momberger, and others."

Rated D roses

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  • Carrington

    ? Sandra childish as hell for that lone rose and a D with no write-up! LMAO!

  • Samantha G.

    I never understood the hype behind him. He had some good songs but not enough for me to spend my lunch money on. I heard some rumors about him regarding bed skills but I'm starting to believe he spread those rumors himself

  • Low E. TUH!


  • i troll it like i see it

    I don't recognize the features artists listed for the most part, who are all these people?

  • Capricornicy

    This cat only 32? Why did I think he was older?

  • Soren

    That's one handsome man. He could Donald Trump me any day. By Donald Trump I mean grab my pussy, not the piss thing? You know what tho? For Trey, I'd take the full Donald? Pussy grabbing and a golden shower. Yuuup??

  • missmiami305

    So tired of men behaving like women on social media with these selfie thirst traps. Anyway, why aint nobody tell me Sunny bit the hell out that girl face. I guess he said fugg it we out this bish anyway.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Hated It!!! Trey Songz is just a 100% pure sissy. Self absorbed, always looking to show his titties...A MESS!!!

  • klwbaby

    That's what she gets for trying to kiss that dog. Sunny was probably like I don't know where her mouth has been...

  • Guestest1

    Can't wait to hear his new music!!!

  • Renay Peters

    This cat NEVA FLOAT MY BOAT!!!

  • imright

    titties?!?! ?

  • Petty Patty Cakes

    Vice President Biden's speech had me in tears. You can tell that there is genuine feeling between the Obamas and the Bidens. End of an era


    skinny emotional men have never floated my boat. bye ashy ??

  • MsSincerity

    I've never anticipated anything from Trey. His music is to boyish for me. Since he's been out, I only liked about 3 or 4 of his songs. This album sucks too. The music on track #4 and #11 is okay, but I think Raheem Devaughn or Lloyd could've done it more justice, with different lyrics and better arrangement. Anywho, whatever.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    I was a teenager when Trey songz first hit the scene. I thought he was corny and hungry looking then. I feel he's a sissy, corny and still hungry looking now. My BFF was in love with his hangman looking ass. I use to tease her about liking him and his scraggly braids.

  • Soldier Woman

    One word for this dude - BITCH

  • Elevated Soul

    I never thought I'd see the day that Trey Songz,would come off as an attention slore.I know he hasn't had a hit for minute, but dude is pathetic for this.

    Trey Songz music just has not progressed to the next level.He's still talking about the same old stuff.It was cool in the beginning, but he's too old for this now.

  • MsPam

    When Trey first came out I saw a interview with him and Russell Simmons and Russell said Trey was the next Marvin Gaye????? Knee grow please! Marvin sounds better dead than Trey will ever sound!

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Knee Grow ?? Uncle Russie ...stop playing!!!! ? I mean building folks up is one thing but this is too much!!!! LAwwwdddd !!!! ??Now I see why he is confused... tearing stages up and what not!!!!

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Is He R Kelly .2 minus the Alleged pedophellia? Because the Trek list ? Never mind I just don't know... Mariah and him can duet .... this is a mess.... they both messy in month one....

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Idk wut it is but something about him to me just says he's disgusting....?

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    What P Didddy call them Kuds that time ? I wish I could remember ..., it describes him...

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    My dearest, dearest Trey. Don't talk, just listen.

    Topic: One of my cousins and I argued about this cuz when CB was going thru the Rhianna Fenty drama, all had him washed up, career over, etc. Trey was mediocre warm then, so folks were thinking he was going far. Like others have posted, his music has not evolved at all. I too commented in the past that TS sings songs like he's the only one that gets pu ssy. It's so young, no storytelling behind it much.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Yes lol. He is such a queen.

  • darealwifey

    Trey's music is too vulgar for my taste. The scary thing is most of his fan base is teenage girls. The man is fine and can sing, but his ego gets in the way of his music. It's not all about you and lil' Trey, Trey.

  • leapyearpisces

    David East....yum...:-)

  • Ladyvil

    Really Violet?!

  • roachburn

    1st lp was fire, everything else not so much

  • Ro

    He's such a has been! I will never buy any of his music

  • Traci404

    If this is Marketing 2017

    Awful. No wonder music isnt selling.

  • Deetruth

    Agreed he is a terrible singer and everyone knows how he got famous . Haaaaay Troy Taylor how u doinn we all know about songbook records and the Down low boys

  • GuestSTAR

    For some reason the 'Firsts' are always better. Maybe because the artists is more hungry.

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Yeah this aint hittin on nothing

  • whereisginger

    Oh trey smdh ... This is trash. Your lil antic last week cursing and breaking stuff on stage was for this huh? But still no one cares huh? There's a curse on you, you have to acknowledge that to lift it...

  • darealwifey

    I think he's acting out because Tanaya (his EX-fiance) dumped his butt. She wasn't down with the foolishness, and I'm proud of her for standing her ground and wish her a life of happiness and success. These men are not used to not getting away with whatever they want to do, and for a man who THINKS he can have ANY woman, the hardest thing in the world is for a woman to actually say, "No."

  • Michelle

    Queen in disguise....

  • stanley

    I think it's one of his best projects and I'm not even an Trey Songz Fan Why? well Because I love MikexAngel... He really showed his production skills on this project. And I like that Trey Songz sang like a regular guy, he didn't sound like a billygoat like he usually do lol

  • Miany

    what happened? why did he get cursed??

  • Tea??

    What note could he possibly be hitting they required all of that on the cover ???? I'll check it out. I like Trey's older albums but he lost me when he started trying to rap.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    I use to be a fan, but his career is going down hill fast. All he sings about is sex, nothing of substance. SMH!

  • Jussjess25

    Trey is going to be completely over very soon

  • Mastermind

    Thotting for them sales IC. He was on Pandora repeating the word Buy three times like a mantra..BUYBUYBUY. At first I thought he was saying bye bye since it was the end of the promo but when he said it a third time I knew this was some Illuminati mind control hypnotic suggestion chit. SMH