Amanda Bynes

Depending on who you believe, troubled actress Amanda Bynes is either pregnant and engaged or she’s an imposter.

After suffering a nervous breakdown in 2013, Bynes resurfaced on under the username PersianLa27.

On Tuesday, that Twitter account claimed to be tweeting from Bynes’ gynecologist’s office:

“At the gynos office with Matt to see if I am indeed pregnant! The home test says I am but I need a 2nd opinion!!”

A day earlier the same account claimed Bynes was engaged after dating her boyfriend for less than a year.

But Bynes’ official Twitter account — with more than 3 million followers — accused the @PersianLa27 account of impersonating Bynes.

The official account denies Bynes is pregnant or engaged.

“I really wish Twitter would take the account in question down, I’m not sure why they are refusing to do so,” Bynes’ official account tweeted on Tuesday.

“I am not @persianla27. I am not getting married and I am not pregnant. I don’t understand why twitter won’t take @persianla27 down.”

The @PersianLa27 account responded by posting a copy of Bynes’ driver’s license and tweeting: “It is ME! Authentic. Often imitated but never duplicated! I refuse to be silenced. My friends know how to reach me! Xoxo”.

Amanda Bynes

The alleged imposter claims Bynes’ parents are the ones updating the official Twitter account.

“My parents are the ones tweeting on @amandabynes, deleting this account, please pray for my freedom & chance 2 have control over my finances”.

The alleged imposter may have a point. Bynes’ official account hasn’t posted an updated photo of her since February 2016.